Why Electric Cars Will Help Us Financially

electric cars, Tesla car, helping financially
People who are wise with their money look ahead. Far ahead. It’s been said that poor people look to today, the middle-class look to the month, the wealthy look to the decade. If you want to be wealthy, it’s time to act like them. That’s why it’s important to look ahead and see what change is coming. This post is about why we will soon all be driving fully electric cars. And what it means for...
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Simple, Actionable Ways to Stretch Your Budget

budgeting tips, stretching your budget, ways to budget
You’ve probably heard it a million times “By just cutting out a cup of coffee each day, you’ll save thousands over a decade!” That’s worth it for most people. But since you’ve likely heard that tip, it’s time to hear something new. There are many ways to cut back in similar fashion. This post will flesh out the many small tips to save lots of green. Bike to Work – Stretch Your...
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The State with the Lowest Cost of Living (and Why to Move There)

state with the lowest cost of living, lowest cost of living, state to live in
If your goal is to live a comfortable and enjoyable life while spending the least possible money, you should choose your location accordingly. You are lucky, if you are not bound to a particular city, state or region because of your job. You can now move to a state that has the lowest cost of living yet offers a high quality of life. The following data presented by the Missouri Economic Research and...
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Simple Way to Save 50% of Your Income

income tips, saving half your income, ways to save your income
That’s right. Save half of your income. It may sound crazy but I assure you that it is not. The following post will show you how to save 50% of your income while not sacrificing anything that matters (happiness, ethics, sanity, etc.). What to Do if You’re Struggling to Save Any Money (Let Alone Save 50%) If you’re struggling to save money right now, you have a simple choice to make: do...
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