Retirement Planning for the Self-Employed

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More and more people are self-employed. There were over 15 million self-employed Americans in the workforce in 2015 – freelancers, consultants, healthcare providers, you name it – and that number is expected to balloon to over 40 million by 2020. The growth in self-employment coincides with another, less positive trend: the failure of Americans to … Read more

Why all Important Financial Documents Should Be Digital

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Robots are taking over. Yes, technology has evolved to such a point that digital consistently beats physical. The ‘high-tech’ way of doing things has, up until recently, been the novelty way of getting things done. Sure, everyone found technology intriguing but it was rarely the default way of doing things. But that is not true … Read more

How to Properly Inflate Your Lifestyle After College

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Freedom! Now that you’ve finally graduated college – it’s time to actually get a real paycheck! No more $300 paychecks from waitressing at the bar. No more $10/hour gigs babysitting your professor’s children. No more scraping by! Right? Right! But this doesn’t mean you should go crazy with spending after college. In fact, it’s best … Read more

Surest Signs That a Used Car Is a Lemon

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Buying a used car means you can save an incredible amount of money over buying new (check out this infographic to find out which car holds its value best). So if you’re looking for the best value when car buying – used is simply the way to go. But what about the hassle? After all, … Read more