Redbox Alternatives That Are Not Going to Break the Bank

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Here’s a short list of affordable Redbox alternatives that will save you money on movies. Here is a brief history lesson on the DVD kiosk service. In 2002, Redbox was founded by McDonald’s Ventures, LLC, as a way to provide more convenience for McDonald’s customers. The first Redbox kiosks were placed outside of McDonald’s locations … Read more

3 Technological Trends That Will Change Our World

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There have been major breakthroughs on several technological fronts recently, some of them occurring much more rapidly than anticipated. Many of these technologies are not going to just assist or entertain us; they are going to change our lives and how we work. These technologies are also going to offer tremendous opportunities to the entrepreneurs … Read more

Time To Put American Express Gift Checks on Your Gift List

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Well, it’s getting close to that wonderful time of the year when the general public begins to scramble to find the best gift for their loved ones. Your dad does not want another novelty tie in his collection and your mom has enough decorative thimbles. So what is your next best option? You guessed it, … Read more

7 Great Tips to Improve Your Finances in 2017

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The New Year is right around the corner. Besides losing weight and getting in shape, getting control of finances is another top resolution many of us will pledge as 2017 opens. Like the latter resolutions, improving your financial situation can be challenging. But if you are willing to work to make things better, you can … Read more