Small Business Insurance Basics

You might one of those business people who refuse to get an insurance for your business because you think that it will cost you too much. Technically, getting an insurance for your small business is costly. However, if you allow your business to stay unprotective that will cost you more than what you should pay … Read more

Invest in Yourself with a Garden

As finance focused individuals, sometimes numbers, bank accounts, and incomes can overwhelm our minds and leave us feeling less than energized. When our  minds, and our demeanors are not performing at their best, everything else in our lives suffer. Our work suffers, our income suffers because we don’t invest our best selves into our investments, … Read more

5 Investment Tips A Novice Should Consider

Some of the most common questions all novice investors have are what stocks to invest in and when is it OK to make changes to your portfolio. Establishing investing goals will go a long way in helping you answer these questions, as well as preventing your emotions from taking over. Emotions? What you may find … Read more

Investing and the Importance of Starting Early

When you are young and the money is hard to come by, it may be that saving for retirement is far from your mind. You might assume that when you finally land your dream job, you will have the ability to make up for that lost money, but in truth, you will actually be spending … Read more

Dealing with Money Emergencies

People need to accept the fact that dealing with money emergencies might be part of the process when doing almost anything online financially. There are steps that people can take to avoid these sorts of problems. However, it should be acknowledged that people will run into some accidents in spite of their best intentions, and … Read more