45% of Americans Were Never Educated on Credit Card Use

45 percent of U.S. consumers were never educated on credit card use
Most likely you are self-taught about personal finance: 45 percent of consumers were never educated on credit card use, according to a survey  by the website Credit Cards Explained.

Of those who received their credit card education in school, 22 percent were taught in high school, followed by 18 percent in college, and 8 percent in middle school.

Approximately 7 percent of consumers got their education on credit cards while filling out their application at the bank – a bit like learning how to drive just before you pull off the car lot and onto the freeway.

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Why Aren’t 529 Educational Savings Plans More Popular?

Why aren't 529 educational savings plans more popular?
How do you plan to fund your children’s education? You’re probably counting on scholarships and grants, right?

Reliance on scholarships and grants is the highest in a decade, while college savings is on the decline, according to a new report from Sallie Mae.

Savings covers less than one quarter of collegiate funding for the typical family. As a result, one of the strongest educational savings programs – 529 plans – is being underutilized.

Low Utilization

Only 13 percent of families used a 529 plan during the 2016-17 school year.

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How is DasCoin the Currency of Trust and Community

When DasCoin launched in March 2018, the inconspicuous “Currency of Trust” slogan that underscored its logo got the cryptocurrency industry talking. What was the hashtag meant for and how was the company going to play out to the new tune? Describing the slogan, Founder and CEO Michael Mathias stated the company would offer a unique … Read more

How to Get Money Back from Western Union Scams

western union scams

Act Before May 31 to Get Your Money Back

Get Money Back From Western Union Scams

Although Western Union has served as a reliable method for rapidly sending money over long distances since the late 1800s, the service is also used by scammers with increasing frequency.

This has resulted the settlement of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that Western Union had not been doing enough to protect consumers from these scammers.

The FTC has tallied over 550,000 consumer complaints of fraudulent money transfers involving Western Union between January 2004 and August 2015.

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Investing in good quality workout equipment

Recent surveys have shown that the average American household spends about one hundred and thirty dollars per year on sports and exercise equipment. Multi-purpose home gym stations can cost about seven hundred dollars, and that’s only if you get the most basic gear you can afford and have enough space for. Of course, the money … Read more