5 Challenges Women Face in Retirement

women in retirement
How’s your retirement plan holding up? If you are a woman, you’re probably having more difficulty with retirement plans than your male counterparts. Despite advances, women still face lower average salaries – 82 percent of the average man’s salary, according to the Pew Research Center. Fewer working years on average, often due to time off for child care or family responsibilities,...
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Long-Term Mortgage Rates Hit a Seven-Year High

mortgage rates
It Will Cost You More to Buy a Home The housing market topped a new threshold over the past week. Buoyed by a strong economy and a series of interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, thirty-year fixed mortgage interest rates reached 4.61 percent – the highest number since May of 2011. Rates crossed the 4 percent threshold in the week of January 11 and they have been on a relatively steady rise...
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The Cape Strikes Back: More Star Wars Swag for the Solo Premiere

star wars swag
Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres tonight, and some theaters are holding fan events before the screening that will include costume contests. If you’re considering attending — or even if you’re planning to see the movie at the theaters later on — the following list of costumes on Amazon might pique your interest. You’ll definitely enhance your experience of the flick with...
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3 in 4 Workers Worry About Social Security

New Survey Shows a Bad Combination of Skepticism and Dependence Are you counting on Social Security for most of your retirement funds – and if so, how comfortable are you that the funds will be there at retirement? According to the recent Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers, you probably aren’t comfortable at all. A surprising 76 percent of survey respondents are concerned that Social...
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Higher Credit Scores Needed For Home Purchases

credit needed to buy a house
Average Homebuyer Score Rose from 700 in 2005 to 732 in 2016 Welcome to the 2018 home-buying market: Rising demand and an extremely tight supply of homes, especially in the critical starter-home market, make it difficult to realize your goal of home ownership. In this market, you’ll need two important things to land your dream home – more money and a higher credit score. Data from the Joint...
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