How to Save Money Fast

how to save money fast
Sometimes, we need to save money in a pinch. Perhaps there’s something we really want to do like attend Martha’s bachelorette party in Vegas this September, something we want to get like that cute Kate Spade bag that’s being retired after this year, or something we need to unexpectedly replace like the iPad I broke last week (seriously, I did, and cried…). There are times in our life where...
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10 Ways to Make $100 a Day

ways to make $100 a day
Looking for a way to make a little extra cash? If you have a tad bit of time to spare and want to exchange it for some cash, then here are some great ways you can make $100 a day. Tae HaahrTae started out as a journalist before following the money into the corporate world. But it turns out that the grass isn’t always greener and now you can find her spending most of her time writing about all the...
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5 Money Management Skills That Are Essential to Improving Your Credit Score

Are you an impulse shopper who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “budget”? Does it seem like all of your friends are buying homes and saving for retirement? The average American adult owes more than $65,000 in personal debt, with about 25% of that figure tied up in high-interest credit cards. If you feel like you’re struggling to keep your head above water, this article’s...
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Make Money Online Fast and Free Using These 100% Legitimate Methods

In addition to providing us with endless entertainment in the form of cat videos, heartwarming stories about returning soldiers, and the ability to find out whatever became of our high school sweethearts, the Internet has opened up tons of work-from-home opportunities.
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ICE Bail: A Finance Guide to How Immigration Bond Works

One topic that’s on the mind of many families is that of immigration arrests. Since the 2016 election, immigrants have been targeted and arrested. At first, the Trump administration arrested those with a criminal record. Statistics from ICE show that noncriminal arrests have increased over the last year. What happens when someone is arrested by ICE? What are your options? An immigration bond can...
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