How to Pay Off Student Loans Fast

pay off student loans
Most people are shocked that it took five years to pay off my student loans. That timeframe was unusually short, and it took a lot of creativity and sacrifice. Here are some ways to pay off student loans fast. Tips for Students Apply your refund check to your loan instead of spending it. I was told to do this my freshman year of college, yet I didn’t listen. I could have saved thousands of dollars...
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How to Prepare for Financial Independence

We each want to have financial independence in our unique way. Some want to quit working at age 40. Others just want to retire at some point with a substantial nest egg. Being financially independent is one of my life goals. It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t be easy. What is Financial Independence? The “Financial Independence, Retire Early” (FIRE) journey is increasing...
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How To Get The Best Financial Scheme To Finance A Used Car

You are in the market for a used car because you want to save a few thousand dollars. However, the financing options for a used car can be more expensive than the options for a new car. To banks, and other financial services providers, used cars carry more risk of damage and depreciation. Therefore, you are most probably going to get a short-term high interest loan. That said, with adequate preparation,...
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Money Moves: A Quick Guide to Intermodal Shipping

The total intermodal freight volume in the US amounted to 18.9 million shipments last year. If you need a more affordable way of shipping your freight, intermodal shipping may be the perfect solution. Not sure what this is or how it is different from LTL or FTL freight? We have the perfect guide to help you get started. Use this guide to understand what intermodal shipping is and how you can use it...
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Should You Loan Money to Family?

loan money
Deciding whether to loan money to family is an increasingly common predicament. It may be a more regular occurrence for parents as more millennials move back home. However, this can also happen with parents or siblings.  What should you do? As with most situations involving your hard-earned money, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Before You Loan Money Here are some questions to ask: What...
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