Do Good Grades Equate to Good Jobs?

good grades equate to good jobs

“I got straight A’s! Gimme the job!” Don’t say this unless you want to be laughed out of the interview. One day (or perhaps even right now) you will have your own company or you will be hired at another company because of the desire to make money. High grades alone prove nothing of your … Read more

Understanding Sustainable Development Goals and their Benefits

Sustainable development comprises social involvement, environmental stewardship, and economic growth. Many nations are acknowledging the need for the conservation of natural resources. Industries are adopting energy-efficient operations, switching to agricultural practices that are friendly to the natural ecosystem.

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How to Find the Amount You Get Back from Taxes

Find the Amount You Get Back from Taxes

The average American gets back over $2,000 a year as a federal income tax refund, which they appreciate. Many Americans like getting a large refund and consider it their de facto savings account. Some purposely claim zero on their W-4 forms so that they will get back a larger refund. Of course, financial advisors suggest … Read more