6 Side Hustles to Make You Extra Money

You were looking into bunion surgery cost, and you realized getting the procedure is going to make this month’s budget tight. Living paycheck to paycheck is an uncomfortable place to be, especially in this economy. That’s why we’re here to help you out by offering a list of 6 side hustles to make you extra money.


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5 Things to Consider When Investing in Your First Home

Buying your own property is exciting and a journey that everyone ought to experience. Still, its financing and other requirements make it hard for people to purchase a house. Instead, folks opt to rent a place where they can afford it since renting can be more affordable than purchasing in the short term. There are … Read more

How to Spend a Tax Refund

Picture of money, the corner of a tax refund check, and a tax form.

This year, my husband and I were worried that we might owe taxes. Instead, to our surprise, we received a several thousand dollars refund. We have received our refunds and have the money sitting in our savings account until we decide how to spend a tax refund—we have so many options that would make good … Read more

6 Ways Orthodontic Treatment Saves You Money

Most people shy away from orthodontic treatment because they’re worried about how they’ll finance the procedures. It could be the reason, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 23% of children aged two to eleven are yet to go to their first dentist visit. However, here are six ways orthodontic treatment saves … Read more