3 Most Important Employee Motivation Tips: The Key To Running A Thriving Business

Running a business requires that you be able to bring various business components together in order to create a cohesive unit that works as crisply as a well-made watch. It’s a delicate system, but one that can bring in a profit capable of supporting everyone.

A productive team like that is worth keeping happy, because you can expect a strong trajectory of growth. And you have to admit, there’s a different kind of beauty in seeing such synergy from your team. The old adage is true. “A happy worker is a productive worker.”

But, there’s just one problem there. The word “worker”. See, the science behind productivity and its psychological roots have long since given more emphasis on the employee’s welfare. The importance of employee motivation has never been more essential in a high functioning business than it is today.

So, how do you harness the power of leadership to create more effective team members? These are some of the things that you need to look into:

Training and Skills Improvement

Work isn’t all about the endless toil. That is a misconception that has ruined many businesses before. Individuals need work, not just for the monetary benefits, but also for the learning they get from it. Providing your teammates with training programs and opportunities to improve their skills keeps things dynamic in the business. If you’re going to simply have them do the same thing over and over again, you might as well put a machine in their place.

Remember that work is not only a means to gain financial stability, it is also a venue where individuals get to test themselves and to hone the skills that would later on help them build their careers.

Employee Benefits

Apart from their salaries, it is essential to lay down the framework for employee benefits. These are people with their own lives and aspirations, after all, and a good employer is going to recognize this need.

Handling employee benefits can be a tricky task, which is why it’s best to work with employee benefit consulting companies to help you set up your framework. These are professionals who know what aspects of employee benefits are most crucial and they can tailor packages to best suit the needs and preferences of your employees.

Rest, Recreation, and Recognition

Extrinsic motivation, like monetary rewards, are great, but they do not completely develop the bond necessary to truly motivate your team to do their best. Intrinsic motivation is what builds such a bond. Team building retreats, employee appreciation events, and even good old acknowledgment are all solid ways to lift team morale.

By developing a positive work environment and work relationships, your team becomes more of a family than just a bunch of experts put together.

Intrinsically-motivated employees work, not just with their skills and talents, they also work with their hearts. They believe in the importance of their role and they play their role wholeheartedly.

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