3 Tricks to Growing Your Advertising Agency in 2022

With new businesses on every corner and millions of websites dominating the online sphere, there is no wonder why we are seeing an uptick in work for advertising agencies around the world. Every company needs branding, and they rarely have someone in-house to manage it all for them. Ad agencies provide pivotal resources for businesses to grow and thrive, but what about growing your ad agency itself? If you are aiming to expand your clientele and give your agency a leg up in 2022, then these are a few tricks you should try.

Overhaul All Your Outdated Branding

As an ad agency, you make designs for others all day long. This year, turn a critical eye towards your own branding. Look at your company values and where they are reflected in your logo and design elements. Simplify complicated elements, and unite all of your resources with a clean, crisp aesthetic. A big part of doing professional design work is constantly bettering your own brand’s aesthetic.

Increase Your Digital Footprint

If you haven’t made an Instagram or Facebook page for your agency, then this is your sign to do so. Not only can a social media presence bring you leads, clients, clicks, and sales, but it can also make you more attractive and personable to new hires and people interested in supporting your company. A stunning online portfolio is worth a thousand emails, so spread your art around wherever you can.

In addition to openly showing your work, you should ask your clients for testimonials about their experiences with your agency. If you already have these, great! Post them on your LinkedIn feed, your Twitter, or even your primary website footer. Brag on your employees and invest in active LinkedIn and Indeed profiles so that you will have no trouble bringing in new valuable workers once you need to expand.

Keep Your Business Protected

Something that few ad agencies truly consider is the security of their online enterprises. The truth is, 2022 has faced us with a litany of new cyber threats that we need to be ready to face head-on. Even Amazon recently had to defend against the largest DDoS attack ever recorded, so investing in a devoted IT program is crucial. If you cannot afford an in-house IT support group, you can outsource your security work to one of many companies designed to keep all your information secure and backed up.

Clearly, 2022 is set to bring several new challenges and surprises for the advertising industry, whether it be new methods of communication, AI-based programs, or new security threats. Be ready to rebrand your business, keep a constant online presence, and most of all, be ready for whatever 2022 throws at you.