5 Economical Reasons to Join the Machining Field

If you are considering a career change or actually want to start work in a field that will challenge you and be a great decision for your finance, consider machining. This is a field that’s growing pretty fast and that can give you a brighter future. If you’re still on the fence, read on to see five economic reasons why you should consider joining the machining field.

1. The Pay Is Great

The very first reason why you may want to get into machining is because the pay is great. There are few industries that can match the potential salary of a machinist right from the entry-point onwards. On average, a professional machinist can get a salary of $90,000 or even more, and this is an attractive amount for sure. While money should not be your main motivation for getting into a certain field, the promise of solid finance can influence the career choices that you make.

2. It Offers a Sense of Accomplishment

If you are a person who likes to do a project from the start and see it to its reasonable end, then the machining field may work for you. This is because in this industry, you will generally be responsible for coming up with designs and seeing them through the creation process until they are complete. Some projects require you to have problem-solving skills, such as making a job more accurate or get completed faster. You will also need to have a high mechanical aptitude as you will need to set up work projects and tools as well in the machine. IF these sound like things that you could be excited about, then you may enjoy becoming a machinist.

3. There Are Many Applications for the Field

As technology grows and spreads to more remote parts of the world, the demand for machinists grows along with it. This is evidenced by the fact that the market size of machine tools is projected to reach $95,169 million by the year 2027. If you are eager to be part of an industry that will keep growing exponentially for the foreseeable future, then the machining field may excite you. Many industries rely on the output and diligence of people in machining, so you will be playing a very important role.

4. It Does Not Call for a Four-Year Degree

Machining, unlike many other fields, does not demand a four-year degree from people entering the industry. As long as you are up to the training that it takes to become a professional machinist, then you can begin. You may get an associate’s degree from a technical college or simply undergo on-the-job training so you can pick up the skills that you need.

5. It’s a Combination of Technology and Manual Work

Finally, if you are attracted by the prospects of a manual job but you also want to work in a technological field, you may thrive as a machinist. This is because this field combines both of these aspects. You will use complex machines to do highly skilled work and you will also get a chance to design systems if you progress in the field. You will get to learn things such as that normalizing is a technique of heat treatment. In it, a part is held under heat as high as 1700°F and then cooled by air to increase the ferritic grains that exist in the steel for purposes of consistency.

If these five reasons appeal to you, then you would do well to consider getting into the machining field. Look for a competent party who is willing to take you under their wing and this could be the start of an amazing career for you.