5 Hacks How to Save Money on Dates

Note that it’s not about how you can have a wonderful dinner with a girl in an expensive restaurant, and then cleverly escape through the back door, leaving the bewildered girl alone with a huge bill. These hacks are somewhat different. For example, if you are going to impress your Russian date, but you don’t have much money, or you are not ready to spend it on a stranger.

  1. Start your date with eating.

Do not wait for the moment when the girl becomes hungry. If you first go to the movies, be prepared for the fact that after the film, she will require a good dinner and a rich entertainment program and can be very offended if you do not fulfill all her wishes.  If you refuse, she can think that you are greedy and leave you. So, start your date with a snack. To do this, you should choose a restaurant or a café where you can eat inexpensively but well.

Stay away from the McDonald’s. It seems that it is a cheap place, but the truth is that hamburgers with fried potatoes will not feed your hunger for a long time.  In an hour or so, your girlfriend can still say that she knows “a very good place” nearby. A bowl of soup (especially in winter) or a big portion of Caesar salad at the very beginning of the meeting will satisfy the hunger of your girlfriend for a long time. Practice shows that usually, money is spent on the gastronomic passions of a girl, then on drinks and entertainment.

  1. Choose a romantic place, which doesn’t require spending money.

If you have a date in the afternoon, take her to a romantic place, where there are no risks for your wallet. In winter, it can be a museum, and in the summer, it can be a gallery of the modern art. Forget about all entertainment venues. Of course, there are cute and educated girls who will not ask you to buy anything, but you shouldn’t surround them with the temptations. A leisurely walk along the paths of some manor or castle, a romantic talk in the shade of an ancient tree on the shore of the lake, and you will become closer than ever.

In the evening, you can take the girl to the movies. Of course, if you do not want to seem like a legendary cheapskate, do not invite a girl to spend a romantic evening at the cinema, which is located an hour and a half away from the center. However, it’s also not necessary to choose an expensive one. Look for a middle ground.

  1. Don’t offer to go to the theater.

A theater is not the best option if you want to save money. Tickets for the highest-grossing performances are expensive, and it’s difficult to buy them. Besides, it’s rather risky to choose a play randomly because the impression of a bad performance is much stronger than from a bad movie. So, you can go to the theater only if you really love this kind of art. In addition, the same applies to the conservatory. Of course, not everyone will admit to their dislike of classical music, but it is still not the best option for a date.

  1. Use the opportunities of the Internet.

Look for the hashtag #opening on the Internet to find restaurants, bars or cafes, which will start working in the near future. Do not hesitate to visit it on the opening day and get guaranteed bonuses like free drinks, a discount card or desserts as a gift. This advertising course of restaurateurs will save you a good amount of money. On special sites on the Internet, you can buy a discount on the menu. Do not be stingy and get it in advance. You will be able to save even 50 percent of the bill.

  1. Give flowers.

Girls adore getting gifts. The most effective and international gift is a bunch of flowers. You can bring flowers on each date, this is a touching gesture, which helps melt a sensitive woman’s heart. In every city, there are places where you can buy flowers for almost free.