5 Tips for Negotiating the Best Price on a New Kia

New car shopping is both exciting and anxiety inducing. Not many people enjoy the haggling and the back and forth of negotiating the price on a new set of wheels.

While there are some people out there that live for the thrill of arguing with a salesman, the rest of us just want some easy ways to find the best price without having to go to business school first.

Here are our 5 best tips for getting the best price on a new Langley Kias.

Start Your Search in the Comfort of Your Home 

Generations of folks have gone about car shopping the same old way. Sneaking out late at night, flashlight in hand, dressed in all black. To a random stranger, this looked like a clunker full of cat burglars, but not so much. Instead, this was the norm of creeping through car lots after the salesman had left, trying to decipher the sticker as rain and fog distorted the lettering.

But now it’s 2018, and car shopping is easy than ever in your favorite PJ’s, behind a computer screen. Websites such as TrueCar, KBB, and Edmunds let you compare new cars side by side within a defined range around your location.

Use Your Research Like a Boss

Comparing all these cars online isn’t just about finding the lowest price, it’s bargaining power. Many Kia dealerships will try to beat their competitors, either in price or in addon’s such as complimentary oil changes, car washes and tire rotations.

Gather up the prices from the local competitors and take them with you to the dealer. Present them with the lower prices and simply tell them that if they can’t beat it, you’ll happily take your business elsewhere.

Show Up Ready to Deal

The more parts of a car deal you put in the dealer’s hands, the more control you give them over the price. Financing is a large part of this process, with dealers usually making money on the financing on the back end.

If it’s feasible to do, obtain a pre-approval from you bank for a certain price and interest rate. Beyond having the confidence that you can purchase whichever vehicle you choose, having these pre-approvals shows the dealer you’re serious and that a deal is waiting for them if they can meet your expectations.

Most salesman worth their salt will be very hesitant to let a customer walk out the door when they know you’re already approved and ready to buy.

Wait for 0%

 The true cost of a new car is more than just the number on the sticker. Over the life of the loan, you’ll be paying a great deal of money in interest fees, even if you do get a great rate.

To get the ultimate deal on the long-term side, be patient and wait for Kia to offer 0% financing on new models. Obviously, credit and income qualifications apply, but as long as you qualify, you could save thousands over the life of the loan this way.

Kia typically offers 0% on a rotating basis, cycling through the various models they offer. Keep an eye on their website for details.

Use it if You Got it

Along with zero percent financing, Kia also offers an array of special offers and discounts for membership of certain organizations.

They tend to offer military service discounts throughout the year with no exclusions or exemptions, so for our service members out there, put that ID or DD214 to work for you.

Along with military, Kia routinely offers student, recent graduate, college graduate and other professional membership discounts. Check out their special offers section for a full list.

Finding the best price on a Kia doesn’t have to be a headache, and it doesn’t require Forbes list negotiating skills. With a little research, some patience and a little bit of leg work, getting the best deal possible is easily achievable.