5 Ways to Save Money During a Night out With Friends

It’s never easy to stick with your tight budget when you’re on a night out with friends.

Are your friends always saying: who’s buying the next round of drinks? Are we going out again tomorrow?

Soon enough, you’re over budget and struggling to pay your rent. But how do you stay a social butterfly without breaking the bank?

Check out our money-saving tips below. Let’s go!

1. Combine Exercise With Partying

Around 67% of gym memberships go unused. If you have one you’re failing to take advantage of, then you might need to cancel this.

But how are you going to get your workouts in during the week? You can combine partying with friends with physical activity.

One of the best examples of this is to visit an escape room for an adventurous and fun experience with friends. You can save money on the gym while killing two birds with one stone.

2. Drink and Eat Before You Head Out

Are you heading to an expensive bar for a friend’s birthday drinks? Are you going to eat at a pricey restaurant?

You can save money by drinking and eating before you head out. By drinking alcohol at home before heading out, you’ll already feel relaxed and tipsy.

You also don’t want to be hungry when you’re going to an expensive menu. If you’ve already stuffed your face with a bowl of pasta, a side salad will be enough when you get there.

3. Make Budget Travel Arrangements

If you don’t consider your travel arrangements until the final moment, you could end up coughing up cash for the taxi home.

But you could ask your other friends what they’re planning. Do you live nearby someone else who’s attending the party?

You may be able to split a taxi or an Uber. You could also encourage your friends to go to a venue near your home so you can walk home afterward.

4. Make Friends at the Bar

Do you know those people who always seem to be chatting with the people behind the bar?

They’re probably not doing it for the scintillating conversation. More likely, they’re after free drinks.

Buddying up with bar staff can get you special offers. Ask them about themselves, give compliments, and await the free shots.

5. Host a Party at Your House

Nearly one-third of millennials say they prefer drinking at home.

If you buy drinks and food from the store compared with going out, you could make huge savings. It may even be cheaper to pay for your friends as well than to pay for yourself on a night out.

Next time you want to party with friends, ask them over to your house for drinks and nibbles instead.

Save Money on a Night out With Friends

When you’re going on a night out with friends, it’s easy to destroy your budget planning.

You get involved in paying for a round of drinks. Or your taxi home is much more expensive than you realized.

Follow our tips to save money without giving up partying and social time with friends.

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