6 Side Hustles to Make You Extra Money

You were looking into bunion surgery cost, and you realized getting the procedure is going to make this month’s budget tight. Living paycheck to paycheck is an uncomfortable place to be, especially in this economy. That’s why we’re here to help you out by offering a list of 6 side hustles to make you extra money.


Let’s dive in!


If you have a working vehicle and don’t mind picking up food, then DoorDash is a great side hustle for you to start bringing in extra cash. The wages vary, but you could make around $20 per hour, and that’s not even including the tips. Some DoorDash workers get paid so well, that they have it as their main source of income.


Should you want a side hustle where you’re driving around but aren’t a fan of delivering food to others, you should consider working for Uber. Uber is a service in which you drive people from one destination to the next. You can think of it as a modern-day taxi service, but one in which you can work on your own schedule. It’s estimated that you could earn nearly $30,000 dollars a year working for Uber.


Are you a movie-lover? If so, you should probably head over to InboxDollars to start making some easy extra cash. That’s right, this company will pay you money to watch videos on your computer. According to its website, it’s already paid its users close to $60 million dollars.

Survey Junkie

If you’re someone who likes to leave reviews and give your opinion on things, then Survey Junkie is the perfect side hustle for you. This site pays you to answer simple questions like, “Do you like Pepsi or Coke?” Making cash has never been easier!

Branded Surveys

Survey Junkie isn’t the only company that will pay you for your opinion and insight on things. Branded Surveys is another reputable site that pays you to answer questions. All they ask is that you be completely honest with your answers, and you’ll be earning cash in no time at all. There’s a good reason that they have over 2 million subscribers.


Have you ever seen those polls that ask you questions like, “Is Big Foot real?” or “Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?” then MyPoints is just the side hustle for you. They make it easy to make extra cash from the comfort of your own home, and by asking questions that you don’t have to put much thought into. To date, MyPoints has paid its panelists close to $240 million dollars.

There are plenty of side hustles to choose from, and it’s increasing even more with the advancement of technology. Spend some time looking into the side hustles we mentioned in this list. If none of them are calling to you, hop over to Pinterest or a simple Google search for some more ideas. You’ll find that perfect side hustle to bring cash to your bank account in no time!

Bonus Hustle: Sell Old Comic Books for Quick Money

Superhero films are popular and here to stay. And they are the best thing to happen for people who like side hustles – the popularity of these films creates temporary spikes in the collectibles marketplace. You can use this reality to make a few bucks and sell old comics to nostalgic comic book fans near you.

Be realistic – this could turn out to become a great little side hustle for you. But don’t expect to flip some old comic books into millions overnight. Find free or ultra-cheap comic books that you can sell regularly. You can sell them on online classified and social media marketplace sites.

Start by checking the market value of your comics for free on an online comic book price guide.  Or, if you don’t want to sell your comics, you could always store them.  If they’re valuable, they’ll only get more valuable with time.

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