8 Upgrades to Make to Your Office for Employee Productivity

Managers of a business have many concerns, and most hope for ways to boost staff productivity. Studies show that office design influences productivity. Employees become more motivated to increase their productivity if their environment allows them to feel more engaged. Here are some tips proven to have positively influenced work product.

1. Open Up Perspective

Workers can often feel confined by cubicles or office desks. One of the most essential things a manager can do is to eliminate clutter, as clutter can evoke feelings of restlessness. Another way to relieve tedium is to design offices with large open windows. Natural light can lift someone’s mood and help renew their motivation.

2. Modify Light Sources

If it’s not possible to use windows, change the office lighting to fixtures that omit natural light. By modifying the type of lighting, managers can prevent the headaches caused by fluorescent light. To give employees more opportunities for a renewed mind frame, include an accessible outdoor space in the building – to give employees the option of stepping outdoors for a few minutes.

3. Allow More Options

Many offices have found that providing several choices of workspace can increase productivity. Although each employee needs an individual desk, providing alternate workspaces throughout the office can increase team collaboration and enhance a feeling of teamwork. Choose desks and chairs with adjustable heights or positions to encourage physical movement and relieve momentary stress. Adjusting positions will clear the mind and ease muscle tension, increasing work output.

4. Join Your Team

To continue increasing collaboration, some managers have decided to minimize the traditional barriers of managers’ office walls and doors. By tearing down those barriers, the team spirit will be fortified. Managers often join the staff in alternate workspaces to join the collaborative effort.

5. Keep Them Safe

Managers are responsible for keeping their office buildings safe. Many office building designers choose concrete as a building material because of its safety and durability. Being in a concrete structure will provide employees with security and allow them to be in a familiar environment. After all, more than 70% of people live in a place made of concrete.

6. Rethink the Restrooms

Another way to keep productivity high when considering the office design is to provide clean and comfortable bathrooms. Statistics show that only 27% of bathrooms have a traditional design. This statistic doesn’t mean managers need to make bathrooms ornate. Employees seem more interested in features like touchless hand dryers and having enough bathrooms available, so they don’t have to walk down long halls to get there.

7. Provide Some Greenery

Statistics show that adding plants to a workspace increases productivity. Because plants emit oxygen, they provide additional alertness and increased ability to concentrate for the people around them. A study done at Washington University showed that test participants had a faster reaction time to computer-generated tasks when in a room with plants. In the same study, participants reported a stress reduction – as evidenced by a decrease in blood pressure.

8. Feature Some Flowers

Focusing on colorful flowers has also been shown to enhance creativity. If an outdoor area is included in the office, adding some bright and colorful flowers to that area will provide additional mental refreshment for the employees. For example, adding a row of bird-of-paradise plants would be ideal. According to Brittanica, these stunningly beautiful plants – with blossoms that resemble neon peacock feathers – grow from their underground stems to heights between three to five feet.

Wanting your employees to be productive makes sense for the manager. Wanting those same employees to gain satisfaction in their office space – while becoming more productive – can be a ‘win-win’ for managers with enough insight to use creative design methods. Choose one of the suggestions above, or use one that works for your office philosophy, and watch your team’s productivity increase.