A Bigger Threat?

bigger threat

Having the worlds most enviable economy, because of the freedoms set forth when James Madison and Co. created the Bill of Rights, there come obligations to the rest of the world and the great citizens of this Nation.  One of those obligations is that we will be the humanitarian leader to rest of the world, which I believe we do a good job at.  Perhaps, from a cost perspective, too good of a job.  We are also called on to be the beacon of peace and prosperity, which at certain points in history, have gotten us into difficult situations.  The Vietnam War (which by the way was never really a war, merely a ‘police action’, is an example of this.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have also been situations where the monday morning quarterback would have made some serious alterations had they had the opportunity.

These situations are largely behind us, and we have chocked up parts of them as losses, but they still haunt the United States, both politically and financially.  At home however, we have our own perpetual political football games going on and there seems to be no agreement from our friends in Washington about how to solve them.  Congressional elections are about 8 months away, these are sure to give us a better idea of what is at the heart and minds of the American People.  Will the American People be more concerned with addressing the democrats concerns of how to curb global warming, and how to help the minimum wage earners, get paid.  OR, will the American People be more passionate about addressing our nation’s escalating debt and the complete disregard of our privacy, at the hands of our friends in Washington?  Let me shed some light!

Global Warming.  Is it happening?  Not sure, all I know is this was one cold, icy, snowy, winter.  Let me be clear, I am not an environmentalist (whatever that means) but I love the environment.  I recycle, I grow trees, I don’t pollute, I help others understand the need to protect it, but I am not in favor of a government telling me I need to embrace the curbing of carbon emissions.  Somehow the message gets lost when you are forced to do things, especially at the hand of an IRS agent?  Is Global Warming one of our nations biggest threats, as the democrats will sell tell us?  Or, is it simply an eloquent means of limiting your rights as a law abiding citizen?  You make the call this November.

Won’t we need the rest of the world on board with us in combating global warming?

In the top 10 most populous countries in the world the US ranks, number 3 with about 13% of the worlds population.  China and India together make up 62% of the top ten most populous countries in the world.   I know we need to set the example to the world that we are serious about curbing global warming, but do we need to charge businesses a carbon tax as means of achieving this.  I mean come on, we already have the worlds highest corporate tax rate.  Whats the old saying, “taxing a nation into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket trying to pick himself up by the handle”.   Wouldn’t it be more intelligent to have conclusive bipartisan evidence that global warming exists, and wouldn’t it be wise to have the two most populous nations (China and India) work with the US in devising a plan to try to curb the effects of Global Warming?  My thought is, if you don’t have these aforementioned situations addressed, then Global Warming is simply a means of initiating a Government program, meant to curb your liberties.  Just sayin!

Whadda bout our $17 Trillion debt?

Our debt is immediate, it’s staring at us directly in the face and we pay it very little attention.  Our debt WILL ruin this nation just like it did the Roman Empire.   If our money printing, fractional lending, and borrowing to fund unsustainable government programs continues, we will essentially seal our fate as a nation.  How can we assume that we can service this debt when we are piling on more and more.  If our Nations total tax revenue is $5.4 Trillion, and our unfunded liabilities are upwards of $127 Trillion, how does the math work out in our favor?  We need to cut, balance, and save, and everyone will certainly feel the discomfort.  Any political hack that tells you different is lying to you!  Ronald Reagan had it right 30 years ago when he said this; one of his many wonderfully articulate quotes about our debt:

Believe me, you cannot create a desert, hand a person a cup of water, and call that compassion. You cannot pour billions of dollars into make-work jobs while destroying the economy that supports them and call that opportunity. And you cannot build up years of dependence on government and dare call that hope. 

So then, what are your thoughts on a more pressing concern to the threat of this great Nation?  Oh by the way, because these are not the only troubles this nation faces, anything you wanna throw on the table is certainly fair game!