A Guide to Pick the Right Platform to Buy Gold Bullion Online

People have been investing in gold bullion for a long time. It has been a status symbol in many cultures that believed in displaying and storing their wealth in the form of gold. The same situation prevails today, though you don’t get to touch or feel the gold you own. Click here to learn more about investing in gold virtually.

Gold Is Still the Most Secure Investment

The adage is that you can never lose investing in gold. There may be fluctuations in the market, but ultimately gold prevails and passes the test by fire in the markets. Even when other assets fail, gold has always been one of the safest bets with punters. Today, you can sit in the comfort of your homes and buy gold safely without worrying about its purity and how you will store it safely.

Gold Storage Services

Leading gold bullion traders offer investment-grade gold from world-famous brands, and you can take advantage of their highly secure custodial vaulting services.  You get regular transaction reports. The several options include pool allocated storage, and the best part is there are no storage fees.

Market Price

Most of the gold bullion platforms offer highly competitive prices in Australia’s gold bullion market. Technology empowers such platforms by allowing them to stream spot prices live, and you get updates directly from the gold market. Pool allocated products and storage are one of the best options for new investors and other seasoned traders.

Invest in all Forms of Gold 

Putting money in gold jewellery is outdated today. The trend now is to invest in gold in several forms. You can invest in gold bars, which is still one of the most sought after investments, with Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold Bar being one of the hot favourites. The other popular form is gold coins, which probably reminds us of the gold doubloons that pirates of yore used to dabble in.

Did you know the Spanish Doubloon was a gold coin weighing approximately seven grams (.225 Troy-ounce)? Today, you can invest in Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold Coin weighing from 1/10 of an ounce to 2 oz. Apart from gold bars and coins, you can also invest in Generic Gold. For high-value investment, you can invest in up to 1kg of Generic Gold, or smaller denominations, as low as 1 oz.

Buying and Selling

Investing in gold doesn’t stop at buying. To make a profit, you need to buy and sell at the right time. Most of the platforms have made things easy for you and buy back the gold from you. Their buyback includes gold purchased elsewhere, regardless of the brand. The current spot prices always govern the buyback prices in the market. Of course, the platforms charge a nominal premium for the services rendered.

You can sell any time you want, though the basic logic is to sell at a price higher than you bought. Of course, if your circumstances warrant selling immediately, you can do so; that’s the liquidity investing in gold offers. Although gold is a scarce commodity, it offers one of the highest forms of liquidity for your investment, according to the research reports. Click here to get more details.


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