Adam Frisch Hits Out at Lauren Boebert for Switching District, Says ‘She Is Only in Politics For Herself’

Far-right Republican Lauren Boebert is under fire for switching districts in Colorado, avoiding a rematch with Democrat candidate Adam Frisch, which she narrowly won in 2022. Colorado State Republicans also voiced their annoyance at Boebert’s decision, bemoaning “seat shopping.”

Boebert avoids rematch

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Democratic congressional candidate Adam Frisch recently called out his former opponent, Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, over her decision to change districts for the 2024 cycle, getting her out of a second contest with the former Aspen city councilor.

Selfish politics

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“This just proves Lauren Boebert was never committed to the communities of CO03,” Frisch posted on X. “She is only in politics for herself.”

Boebert scared off

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“Boebert is running scared from CD-3 because she knows she can’t match our campaign’s ability to connect with voters and the hard work we have put in to provide them with a common sense voice in Congress,” Frisch said in a statement.

Poor polling numbers

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Boebert recently announced that she will instead run in Colorado’s 4th District in 2024, which is currently held by retiring Republican Ken Buck. Boebert defeated Frisch in 2022 by a margin of just 0.16%, surprising political pundits who had expected Boebert to win the 3rd congressional District by a wide margin. Boebert had been trailing Frisch in fundraising and early polls for the 2024 cycle.


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Boebert’s announcement opens the GOP nomination to a new primary challenger, who could have better odds against Frisch than the polarizing Boebert. The Cook Political Report predicts the District would be a tight race.

High-risk, high reward

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According to campaign finance filings, Frisch’s campaign has raised $7.7 million compared to Boebert’s $2.2 million. Boebert’s switch to the 4th District places her in a crowded GOP primary to replace Buck. But if she secures the primary, she is effectively guaranteed to stay in Congress due to the 4th District being the most conservative in the state.

State Republicans disappointed

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The Colorado GOP was also critical of Boebert’s shift: “From a party perspective, we certainly don’t think it was the best move,” party chair Dave Williamson stated. “We felt that she was best suited for Congressional District Three and that she was in the best position to win reelection and retain that for Republicans.”

No seat shopping

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Colorado Republican state representative Richard Holtorf, who is also running to succeed Buck in the 4th District, also criticized Boebert: “Seat shopping isn’t something the voters look kindly upon,” Holtorf said on X. “If you can’t win in your home, you can’t win here.”

Not changing course

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Frisch said his campaign strategy will stay the same with Boebert gone. “From Day 1 of this race, I have been squarely focused on defending rural Colorado’s way of life, and offering common sense solutions to the problems facing the families of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District,” he said. “My focus will remain the same.”

Hollywood backs Frisch

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Meanwhile, Boebert has blamed “Hollywood elites” for her decision to switch districts, including singer Barbra Streisand and actor Ryan Reynolds. In a recent interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, Boebert suggested reasons for Frisch’s campaign receiving a $1,000 donation from Streisand and $500 from Reynolds last year.

Boebert defends decision

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“We need a strong voice there, and we have to shut down the Hollywood elites who are trying to buy my current seat,” Boebert told Bannon, the former Trump White House advisor. Bannon is appealing a prison sentence handed to him for refusing to cooperate with the January 6 Committee.

Blames actors

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“It’s coming from Hollywood when you have Barbra Streisand coming in and donating to the Democrat, when you have Ryan Reynolds coming in and donating to the Democrat,” Boebert continued.


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