17 Affordable Pets That Are Low Maintenance

Are you looking for a low-maintenance pet that is not going to cost a lot of money to buy and care for? Then you’ll find 17 examples of these pets in this article.


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Gerbils are great, low-maintenance pets. They are very affordable and usually cost between 5 and 10 dollars to purchase. They only need feeding once a day and they entertain themselves in their cages. You don’t need to spend time stroking them, and they groom themselves. 

Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pigs are the perfect pets for those who are looking for an affordable companion. Guinea pigs don’t usually cost more than $25 to $50 outright. You can even find guinea pigs free of charge from local shelters. These pets are easy to take care of, as they only need feeding once a day.

Syrian Hamsters

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“The most popular pet hamster in the United States is the Syrian hamster. This breed is also known as the Teddy Bear hamster or Golden hamster,” says PetMD. These hamsters are very popular because they are low maintenance and make awesome first pets for children. They don’t cost more than $20 to purchase.


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If you are looking for a low-maintenance pet that is very adorable, make sure you get a rabbit. Rabbits entertain themselves. You just need to make sure you give them food and water each day and plenty of space to run around in for at least an hour a day. 


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Rats are also a great example of an affordable pet. These pets need feeding daily, but because they don’t eat a lot, their food is not expensive. Another good thing about them is that they don’t need much attention, such as grooming or petting, and are relatively inexpensive. 


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Mice are tiny, adorable pets that don’t take up a lot of room at home. Since they are so small, they don’t eat much and are very economical to feed. These animals entertain themselves by running around in their cages all day and playing with their cage mates. 

Corn Snakes

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If you are looking for a low-maintenance, medium-sized pet, a corn snake might be the one for you. According to the National Zoo, “corn snakes are approximately 61 to 182 centimeters (24 to 72 inches) long.” They only eat a couple of times a week and do not need human contact. 

Neon Tetra

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Neon tetra are some of the most popular fish in the United States. These fish make great, affordable pets, and they don’t usually cost more than a couple of dollars to buy from pet stores. These fish are beautiful and low maintenance as they spend all day swimming around their tanks.

Dwarf Hamsters

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Dwarf hamsters are awesome, tiny pets that don’t take up a lot of room at home. Because they are so economical, they make popular pets. A dwarf hamster shouldn’t cost more than $30 at your local pet store. These pets entertain themselves and groom themselves. 


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Goldfish are very popular fish pets that are ideal for home fish tanks. These pets are extremely low maintenance as they don’t need any human contact and entertain themselves. Goldfish need feeding a couple of times a day but this only takes a couple of seconds. 


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Chinchillas are popular pets because they are so soft. Medvet.com says that “Chinchilla fur has the highest density of any land animal, with more than 20,000 hairs per square centimeter.” These pets are so lovely and smooth to touch, and easy to feed.

Milk Snakes

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Milk snakes come in a variety of different morphs. Their colors make them beautiful and unique. Some are bright in color when they are born and get lighter as they get older. Milk snakes don’t need any human contact and only need feeding a couple of times a week. This makes them the perfect low-maintenance pets. 

Leopard Geckos

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Leopard geckos are small animals that will not take up a lot of room in your home. The diet of leopard geckos is mainly insects. These reptiles don’t need human contact, so you don’t have to worry about rushing home to spend time with a lonely gecko.


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How about a bird? Canaries are very sweet birds. They can be housed in a cage, and they eat a diet made up of seeds, some fruits, and vegetables. Feeding a canary is usually very inexpensive. Canaries are beautiful animals that are very fascinating to observe. 


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If you’re looking for an affordable bird, you should try a finch. Finches are not expensive to buy, and they are easy to look after. They are such sweet and beautiful animals. Finches don’t eat a lot, so buying seeds for their diet doesn’t usually amount to much, especially if you buy in bulk.  


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Statistics from Forbes show that “Dogs are the most popular pet in the U.S. (65.1 million U.S. households own a dog), followed by cats (46.5 million households) and freshwater fish (11.1 million households).” Cats are often placed for adoption at local shelters, so you can get one for free. They are very independent animals. 


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Aquatic turtles also make good pets, as they entertain themselves. Getting them set up is a little more work than for other animals, but once they’re in the water, you won’t have to worry about them. Turtles don’t need stroking or grooming, so they are very easy animals.

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