17 Reasons Why People Are Giving Up Alcohol

The alcohol-free movement is an emerging trend among younger generations, with more people choosing to be mindful of drinking or abstaining from alcohol altogether. The movement is driven by a desire to have more self-regulation and control amid increasing health concerns. In this article, we’ll give you 17 reasons to give up alcohol. Alcohol is … Read more

17 Things Society Can No Longer Do Because Gen Z Said So

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Gen Z, our digital-native, trendsetting generation, is making waves in the cultural sea, steering the ship of societal norms in fresh and unexpected directions. As they charter new territories, there are certain practices they’d rather we say goodbye to. Curious? Let’s take a look at 17 things the rest of us can no longer do … Read more

18 Historical Figures Who May Have Never Existed

These historical figures have famous legends surrounding them of heroic deeds, the founding of ancient cities, and revered literature. But whether or not they existed is disputed, with conflicting historical accounts and proven myths. Here are 18 historical figures who may be fictional. King Arthur King Arthur is the leader of the Round Table, a … Read more

18 Dog Breeds That Cost a Fortune to Take Care Of

Purchasing a pedigree pup can be the start of a wonderful life together, but hold on before you go for a gigantic, long-furred, or destructive breed, as you may find them financially draining to care for. Whether it’s costly nutrition, expert grooming, regular veterinary care, or acres of space, here are 18 dog breeds that … Read more

19 Most Common Reasons Why People Go to Therapists

Once a hush-hush thing people did in secret, therapy has become more mainstream. People now go to therapy for a multitude of mental health and life-betterment reasons. No one should ever be ashamed to ask for help, but in case you’re on the fence about therapy, here are 19 common reasons people go. Depression According … Read more