In 41 US States, the Richest 1% Are Taxed At a Lower Rate Than Everyone Else

According to a recently published study, nearly every U.S. state and local tax system is fueling the nation’s inequality crisis by forcing middle- and working-class families to contribute a larger percentage of their incomes than their wealthy counterparts. Detailed analysis The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) study, titled Who Pays?, analyzes in detail … Read more

Republican Governors in 15 States Reject Food Money for 8 Million Children

GOP governors in over a dozen states are rejecting a new federal food assistance program to give 8 million children from lower-income families support this summer. The program is expected to serve 21 million children starting in June, providing $2.5 billion in relief across the U.S. Summer assistance Thirty-five states, including 13 with Republican governors, … Read more