5 Reasons to Avoid Expensive Restaurants

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This is a personal finance blog. So obvious we’ll be talking about the negative financial aspects of patronizing restaurants.
But the downsides to eating out go beyond your wallet. This post will also cover such thing as health and happiness. Restaurants really are a drag when you think about it. However, everyone must visit a restaurant at times. At the end of this post, we’ll talk about what you can do to protect yourself while there.

Reason Number 1: Restaurants are expensive!

Some restaurants have a markup of 300%. That’s like paying ten cents in a grocery store or paying $3 in a restaurant. If you’re looking for good value per dollar – you’ll never find it in a restaurant. Oh, and don’t forget about the tip.

Reason Number 2: The added calories!

When you go to a restaurant, how often do you ask for calorie counts of all the dishes you’ll be eating? Probably never. The restaurants count on that. However, chefs understand everyone will taste the food. Taste is king. Health comes second. That’s a silly way eat food. After all, food is meant to nourish our bodies so we can keep on living – taste should be second to health.

Reason Number 3: Rats

Not all restaurants are clean. I once spoke with a health inspector who had quite the horror stories to share. I used to work at a restaurant. Whenever I see an open kitchen at a restaurant, I take a peek to check its cleanliness. I usually see infractions.

Reason Number 4: Illness

This reminds me of growing up on a farm. When animals eat alone or with just a few other animals, illnesses don’t really spread. But when you group dozens of them together… everyone gets sick.

It’s especially smart to avoid restaurants in the winter time. Restaurants can be a piety dish of germs. With everyone sharing glasses, plates, utensils… you’re bound to get sick if you eat out often enough.

Reason Number 5: Time

A lot of people dine out because they believe they don’t have time for a home cooked meal. I used to think this was a rational excuse to eat out as well. However, I found it to be just that – an excuse. Eating out takes time:

1. Drive to restaurant because no time to cook at home
2. Wait to food
3. Eat a dish that may be so bad you have to go home and cook something anyway. A lot of dishes are chalked full of MSG, little protein, and simple carbohydrates. That’s a recipe for midnight cravings. Many restaurant dishes (I’m especially calling out Chinese restaurants here) won’t keep you full for a long period of time.
4. Drive home
5. Feel bad about eating such junky food – search internet for ways to lose weight
6. Plan a workout for the next day to burn off the food you ate the night before. Note: Exercise is 80% what you eat and 20% activity levels. You can’t simply exercise your way out of a terrible diet.

5 Reasons to Avoid Expensive Restaurants

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

We all must go to restaurants at some point in our lives. There are ways to survive. Here are a few quick tips.
1. Order water
2. Watch out for carb-laden meals
3. Snack a little before going to the restaurant as to avoid overeating bad restaurant food
4. Check restaurant ratings before going
Not everything about restaurants is bad. They have their place in society. I encourage you to use these tips next time you get hungry. They will save money, time, and guilt.