19 Behaviors That Will Make People Dislike You

We all want other people to like us and feel comfortable in our company. But there are some behaviors that will automatically turn others away from you. You’ll find 19 examples of these behaviors in this article.

Talking Over Others

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Talking over others is always considered rude. It’s true; sometimes we get enthusiastic about what we have to say and we can’t help ourselves, so we begin to talk over others. But when we do this, we show that we’re uninterested in what others say.


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Gossiping is a very dangerous behavior. Not only does it damage the reputation of the person you’re talking about, but it also reflects badly on those who spread the gossip and those who believe it. There’s no faster way to get on someone’s bad side than to begin gossiping about them. 


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When someone is ungrateful and never thanks others, people get tired of them. Harvard Health states that gratitude is important, as it’s “a way for people to appreciate what they have, instead of always reaching for something new in the hope it will make them happier, or thinking they can’t feel satisfied until every physical and material need is met.”

Raising Your Voice

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No one likes to be around someone who always has to make their voice heard over others. They drown the voices of others out by speaking louder than others. They do this until they have all the attention and all eyes are on them. 


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We all know someone who’s a control freak. If they can’t have things their own way, they make your life miserable. People don’t like being around controlling people, as they have no freedom when they’re with them. This kind of person doesn’t know how to adapt. 


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Do you always have to go first? Someone who always helps themselves to the biggest slice of pizza when with friends or always serves themselves first without thinking of others is selfish. This kind of person only cares about themselves and never prioritizes other people. 


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“Patronizing behavior is any form of talking down to someone from the position of projected authority,” says VeryWell Mind. Someone who patronizes others explains things in a condescending way. More often than not, they explain things that the person already has knowledge of or even expertise in. 


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We all like to be in social situations with people who know how to start conversations and keep them going. But the person who doesn’t know how to stop talking and doesn’t give anyone else a chance to speak is not usually well received and is often avoided. 

Overly Shy

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While shyness is quite normal, being overly or painfully shy is challenging to those around you. If you struggle to engage in simple chit-chat with others, people might feel uncomfortable when talking to you and avoid you altogether. Thinking of a couple of conversation starters before entering a social situation is a good way to keep shyness at bay. 


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Self-absorbed people are those who are only interested in themselves. Because of this, they’re only interested in conversations that are about them, and if they aren’t, they switch off or actively try to steer the conversation back to them. They rarely ask questions about others. 


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Boastfulness is not an attractive quality. If you spend a lot of time talking about everything you have achieved, the money you earn, or your status, people will quickly grow tired of you. When you boast about everything you do, you don’t give anyone else the chance to praise you for your achievements. 


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When someone wrongs you, do you always look for a way to get back at them? If you do, then you’re showing yourself to be a vengeful person. Not being able to let things go or forgive others harms us more than it does the other person. When people know you’re vengeful, they will be extra cautious around you. 


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According to the Collins Dictionary, “envy denotes a longing to possess something awarded to or achieved by another.” Envy is dangerous, as it shows that we’re jealous and not happy for others when they achieve something. No one wants to be around someone who is envious of them. 


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Laziness is not an endearing quality. If others have to work harder to pick up your slack, they’ll quickly grow tired of you and will not want you to be with them. Laziness at work, around the house, or among friends is always annoying. 


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Forgiveness is important. “Forgiveness encourages compassion. You are able to relate to others as part of the human experience. You feel for others as you do for yourself,” says Psychology Today. When someone is known to be unforgiving, it makes other people feel uncomfortable around them. 


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Pushy people are those who try to force or coerce others into doing things that they don’t want to do. They might even try to persuade them to do things that go against their sense of moral right and wrong. People do whatever they can to avoid the company of pushy people. 

Overly Sensitive

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People who are overly sensitive get offended by the slightest thing. You can’t joke with these people, as you’re not sure whether they’ll laugh or cry. Overly sensitive people aren’t fun to be around, as you have to tread on eggshells and think twice about everything you say.


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Nosey people pry into other people’s business and try to coerce others into telling them information. They eavesdrop and read messages that were not sent to them. Being nosey is an invasive behavior that people really hate. No one likes making friends with nosey people.


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Someone who is spoiled must always have their own way. They find it really hard to adapt to the needs of others, and yielding isn’t something they know how to do. A spoiled person always has to be the one to choose where everyone goes and where you go to eat, and they even try to dominate conversations. 

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