17 Best Buys at Aldi That Thrifty Shoppers Love

Do you love to shop at Aldi because of all the great discounts you can find there? Then you must check out the list of 17 Aldi best buys that thrifty shoppers fall head over heels for in this article. 

Fruit and Veggie Deals

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Aldi chooses a combination of six different fruits and vegetables to sell at highly discounted prices. Thrifty shoppers love finding out which six fruits and veggies are on sale and then making sure they buy these items when shopping. The fruit and vegetables change every two weeks.

Almond Milk

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One of the most popular buys at Aldi is almond milk. People love its low price just as much as its creamy taste. The Kitchn says, “Aldi’s almond milk comes in several different varieties: unsweetened plain or vanilla, sweetened plain or vanilla, organic unsweetened vanilla, and even chocolate.”

Fresh Guarantee

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One of the nice things about shopping at Aldi is the peace of mind you get if you’re not happy with a fresh product that you’ve brought. If you realize when you get home that your fruits and vegetables weren’t fresh when you brought them, they’ll refund you.


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Aldi always has a great selection of different meats. They always have some meat products on what they call a “super weekly offer” sale. These products remain discounted for a whole week before they go back to their original prices. This gives families an opportunity to buy discounted meat. 


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Aldi has a fantastic array of fresh fish, such as mackerel and salmon, and also breaded fish that are ready to put in the oven. Once a week, some of their fish products go into their “super weekly offer” sale. This sale slashes the prices of their fish goods.

Price Drops

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Each week, Aldi chooses a number of different products from any food category to place in their price drop section. This discount knocks a couple of cents off the overall price of each discounted item. It might not seem like much, but the savings will soon add up.


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According to the figures from the Grocery Gazette, “More than two-thirds (66.4%) of British households now shop with Aldi.” Thrifty shoppers are drawn to this supermarket by their low prices on bread and grain snacks. Shoppers love to pick up fresh and sliced bread products from Aldi.

Gardening Goods

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Thursdays are a good day to go to Aldi, as it is one of the days in which they start selling their weekly Specialbuys. Included in the Specialbuys are gardening goods. There you’ll find different plants, seeds, and gardening equipment at discounted prices. These are in-store exclusive deals.

Baby Products

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Sundays are also a great day to visit Aldi, as on this day they also release their Specialbuys to the public. Some of the Specialbuys are great for parents, as they’ll find diapers, baby wipes, and even strollers at discounted prices on this day. The discounts are in-store only.

Click and Collect

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Many people are fans of Aldi because of their Click and Collect policy, which gives them great value for money. Aldi says that you can “get the same amazing in-store price with all substitutes charged at the lowest price.” This guarantee allows you to save money.

Pet Supplies

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Many pet owners love shopping at Aldi, as they can find great deals on pet supplies there. Aldi’s Specialbuys often include pet supplies such as pet food, water and food bowls, and other accessories that your pet needs. You’ll only find these deals in the physical store, not online.


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Aldi Specialbuys also provide customers with discounts on items for the kitchen. If you need a gadget or an appliance for your kitchen, make sure you check out Aldi’s Specialbuys section so you don’t end up wasting money on your goods. These deals are only available in the store.

Little Essentials

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Aldi always has a little essentials section where they sell things for children. There, you’ll find things that are great for story time, such as books and toys, and you’ll also find bath time toys. The little essentials are often sold at great discounted prices for thrifty shoppers.

Swap and Save

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If you usually shop at another supermarket, Aldi wants you to start shopping at Aldi. They encourage people to do this via their swap and save incentive. Thanks to this and other incentives, Aldi has more than 1.1 million new customers, says The Guardian.

Vegan Range

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Not only does Aldi have a great number of meat and fish products, but it also has a fantastic selection of vegan foods. The items in their vegan range include not just vegan food but also vegan drinks. Vegan eating is inexpensive thanks to the Aldi vegan range.

Lunch Box Goods

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We all need fun and nutritious things to pack in our kids’ school lunch boxes. But this job has become easier thanks to the lunch box goods at Aldi. These goods include lunch box sandwiches, drinks, and other snacks that are ideal for kids to take to school.

Party Food

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Aldi always has a selection of party food, such as onion rings, oven chips, burgers, buns, and condiments. Thrifty shoppers love going to Aldi and making the most of their party food offers, where you can get a lot of food for a large gathering for cheap.

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