The Best Things to Buy After Christmas

best things to buy after christmas

Have you ever noticed that after Christmas sales on some things are amazing? While there are a lot of great sales out there, especially during Black Friday, there might be a good reason to wait until January to dish out for specific items. Here are the best things to buy after Christmas.

Holiday Decorations

After the holiday season stores are itching to unload their holiday decorations so the after Christmas sales are exceptional on them. You can even find some things up to 75 percent off.

I purchased my first Christmas tree, a beautiful pre-lit 6-foot pencil Douglas Fir for only $37. I kid you not. The tree which was marked at a pre-holiday price of around $500 was severely discounted not only because it was an after Christmas sale, but also because I got the last item and it was a floor model. I walked away with a tree for under $40.

Not only can you find Christmas trees, but you’ll also find tons of great discounts on the decorations for them as well. The next year, I walked away with a full set of Christmas tree decorations including over 125 ornaments, two garlands, a set of full-color lights, copious amounts of wrapping paper and gift accents for under $100! The original price for the set of decorations I chose (only half of what I ended up bringing home) was $75 itself.

tvs on sale after christmas


While Black Friday is a great time to pick up a whole host of electronics if you’re in the market for a new television the best time to grab it might be after Christmas.

You can find some really awesome deals on televisions in the post-holiday season. And there are even said to be certain models that are sold specifically for the holiday season and put on great discounts in after Christmas sales.

My dad is a huge believer in the post-Christmas television sales and has purchased almost every one of his at great discount prices in that lull in retail sales that happens after Christmas.

discount toys after christmas


If you have kidlets running around, or even a cute niece or nephew, the post-Christmas sales might be a great place to stock up on their upcoming birthday presents. Stores are looking to clear their shelves of their stock to make way for the new up-and-coming items meaning a lot of the hot items can be found on discount.

Make sure you take the time before you purchase to research where the best toy-related deals can be found. And check what the kidlets you’re shopping for got in their Christmas hull before you buy!

Winter Clothing

Fashion has always been ahead of its season, with fall clothes showing up mid-summer to make sure you’re all dressed and ready for the back to school season. Similarly, you can find winter clothing and shoes at reduced prices in the after Christmas sales as the stores clear their shelves to make way for the spring stock.

A few Januarys ago I got myself a cute pair of Ugg boots (not fakes) for around $100. So if you’re in the market for a cute new pair of boots, a cozy jacket or some warm gloves the post-holiday shopping season might be the best time for you to snag them.

What great deals have you found after the holidays? Share them with me in the comments below!

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