Bitcoin – A smart and advance currency

Bitcoin is digital money that can be used to make buy or trade as an action. Bitcoin is used to make safe transactions right away anywhere in the world. It is not keeping pace, controlled, insured by a bank, a government or a federal reserve.

It is an open network direct by its users and investors. Using this system, you will be able to make 1% every day gains safely on your money without having to trade or monitor the price of Bitcoin.

Making bitcoins using a computer becomes more difficult. Just a few years ago, when Bitcoin was just starting its “promotion”, it was possible for any person to earn an average salary for an office worker. Now, with the advent of great competition, we have to come up with new ways of real money making.

What are the risks of having bitcoins deals?

The risks are to fall on fraudulent intermediaries like here or security breaches like there. Since everything is new, you can come across unscrupulous people. This is the limit of an unframed currency, but it is easily circumvented by only working with recognized services / companies. Overall, the risk is to place money and have to exit when the price has dropped (as happens if you invest in currencies) or simply see this system disappear for one reason or another. Even if the probability is low, it cannot be excluded. It must therefore be considered that it is still in the experience stage and that the risk is to lose your capital. In my opinion the most important risk is that the states find a means of control and make lose all the interest of this currency.  

How it works?

To use bitcoins, no ID card to provide, no appointment with your favorite advisor, no waiting, no information to provide. You can use Immediate Edge software that allows you to make money from bitcoin. This allows you to generate a key and it is this key that you communicate to receive money. A detail: if it is installed on a computer, it is up to you to save the information in your wallet, otherwise you risk simply “losing” your money if your computer is stolen / destroyed / formatted. With this same wallet, you can send money if someone gives you their key. To feed your wallet, you can convert your Euros into bitcoins with specialized agencies (around 1% of fees) or “mine” for bitcoins (a very long operation and requiring significant computing power). The simplest being of course to make you pay in bitcoins. Simple it is to use.  

 You find the idea interesting and consistent with individual freedoms and books like the sovereign individual. It is impossible to value. When I buy a security from a company, because its value strongly decreases. In other words, the price is much lower than the actual value. It is impossible to assess and you make the parallel with an “investment” in foreign currency (FOREX) for friends who has the same limits. If you want to “invest” on the dollar and therefore convert your Euros into dollars in the hope that the price of the dollar will go up to make a profit, you have no way of valuing the dollar. 

Mining – a best way to deal with bitcoin transaction

Mining is the extraction of bitcoins using a video card, one of the first ways to earn cryptocurrency. This is currently a slightly outdated method; a farm is required for such mining. 

It was likely to earn thanks to the instant Edge, which did not need any money. It all consisted in the information that the “hunter” for the money in a game form built gold mines, mined gold and swap them for genuine cash.

And if you get acquainted with the basics of the Bitcoin network, it becomes clear that by injecting large capacities you cannot get adequate earnings, the Bitcoin system will automatically rebuild the complexity so that the emission does not exceed the required volumes, i.e. you will get less in time.

So mining is process which makes the bitcoin transactions easy.