Bitcoin trader review: Reasons why you should invest in Bitcoins

Have you also heard about that one coin that you can’t be able to see or touch but can cost you more than $10,000? Yes, I’m talking about the Bitcoin. Well, the coin is said to be having a massive increase in terms of its value and a lot of people are going crazy about it.

Still wondering why you should invest in it? Well, for those who always doubted and perhaps made a prediction that Bitcoins will never be accepted as a real currency because of its volatility, well guess what, the revolution had already began and I think it’s time you wake up.

The existence of bitcoins has even open doors for other investments like the crypto bots and other trading software like the Bitcoin Trader that offers you a trading platform where you can watch your investments grow. You need to make your decision before it becomes too late. With that said, below are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in bitcoins.


  • A lot of people are now using it


It is estimated that nearly 4 million people often use the bitcoins to settle their daily payments. Well, the days for using bitcoins just for fun are over and those who believed that a day will come when these coins will be used outside the black market are now ripping the benefits.

Today, bitcoins are being used as a currency and is an accepted method of payment. You can now see a lot of online stores do accept it for their products sold or services rendered. This should be a great signal for you to give it a thought.

For me, I can say that this is a sign that people are more than interested and they are also willing to accept and make bitcoin the new world currency. Since the value is constantly rising, I can say this is a very promising investment opportunity.


  • It’s becoming more stable


Over the years, we’ve witnessed the bitcoin becoming more stable. I mean, a lot of the long-term investors always seem to be concerned about the price volatility, right? And I believe that it is a wise thing to always ensure the reliability of the consumer’s money.

If the price constantly continues to change, then you wouldn’t be having that much faith in the dollar. But when it comes to the bitcoins, back in 2011. In 30 days, the volatility was about 16% but today this has gone down below 2% when we are talking on the basis of a dollar.

This shows that the bitcoin might soon be turning to a stable currency. Of course it is going to be accepted all over the world if it continues to have less volatility.


  • Price hike due to the halving protocol


You do realize that the total amount of bitcoins available will never be infinite, right? They are always available in a fixed number. What keeps the number of these coins in check is called the Halving protocol.

The protocol always ensures that the number of newly created bitcoins is slashed in half in every 210,000 blocks. This always ensures that the highest number of bitcoins is not more than 21 million.

About 15 million bitcoins has however, been created. But as more and more people continue to develop interest for this cryptocurrency, the price will obviously go up as the demand also increases.


  • Cashless transaction


Wait, who still walks around with cash in their pockets or purse? That is so many years ago. Besides, it not even safe to be walking with cash on you.

All you need is to find a simple device that can enable you to do your transactions quickly and this is why people are moving towards the digital economic system. As this makes them do everything on the internet through the device.

Well, it seems like bitcoin has already made a statement about its intentions to become the new real world currency. Additionally, using bitcoins is much safer compared to other digital transaction systems. It ensures that nobody interferes with your privacy and this is where it beats its competitors.


  • No taxes


You know how the government is usually on your neck especially when it’s something do with money? Yes, the taxes. Some people are even taking some other jobs just to supplement their earnings yet they always get paid.

If you are wondering why, it is because of the deductions usually made on their wages. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about all these if you resort to using bitcoins. In short, there are no taxes with bitcoins and even the government can’t do anything to affect your transactions.


  • Acceptance as a payment method


How much convincing do you need before you can actually realize that bitcoin is really taking over? Look around you, even the major stores around the world have started to accept bitcoin as a payment method.

Now you can be able to buy and sell items, book rooms and get many different services and pay for them using bitcoins. These include Amazon, Dell, and Expedia among others. Even Microsoft recently started accepted bitcoins.

These are some of the big names in the market and they are already accepting the coins, now what can probably stop you from investing?


  • Can save you during economic crisis


Remember watching your favorite cartoon where a super hero would come from nowhere and save people when they are in a tough spot? Imagine bitcoin doing this for you. Well, it is now clear that bitcoin has managed to overtake gold as the other alternative when the economy faces tough times.

We saw what happened back in 2013 when Cyprus was hit with a huge economic collapse. The same happened in china in 2015. But in 2016, the value for bitcoin increased by more than $100 in just a day because of the Brexit issue.

Anyway, bitcoin is usually disconnected to the ordinary financial system and the bad monetary policy. This way, you can be able to stay safe and unaffected during an economic crisis.


  • Easy and simple trading


You must be feeling all excited about bitcoins right now and you are probably even thinking about trading already. Anyway, you need to keep in mind that you can’t really sell what you don’t have.

So for you to start trading on bitcoin, you need to buy it first. This means you will need to have a bank account, credit card, debit card or even a PayPal account to be able to make the payments. Once this is done, you are ready to go.

Just choosing a trading platform that you will be comfortable with and start making yourself some profits.


  • Many applications


You would be wrong if you only thought bitcoin can be used for its monetary aspect alone.

Well, it turns out that it can be used to do many different things.  Bitcoin can be used as a property representation, security insurance, title and many other things.

This, I believe is another good reason why you should think about getting involved in this bitcoin business.


With all that you’ve just read, I think you should change your question from why you should invest, to when you should. You don’t want to be left behind once people have started enjoying the benefits. I believe there is a reason why they said that opportunity has wings so better capture this moment and use it when you still have the chance. You can see more reasons why you should consider investing in bitcoins here.