A New Take On Dinner Time: A Blue Apron Review

One of the hardest decisions a person can make is figuring out what they want to eat for dinner each night. Personally, I live with two younger brothers, an uncle and my parents so trying to get everyone on board for what they want to eat each night can be a battle. My younger brothers, for example, may want pizza that night; while my mother may want to have a nice fish dinner. With my dad being a vegan in a den of meat eaters, it can turn into World War III. Blue Apron is a godsend some weeks.


So, what do you do to combat this from happening every day? Well, if you like trying new dishes you could try Blue Apron. This is a subscription service that delivers farm fresh food to your door. Every week, based on the size of your household you are given a number of meals containing different ingredients that making up your chosen meals.

What does Blue Apron offer?

First and foremost, the service gives you the most valuable thing we all need: time. Blue Apron takes the hassle in trying to figure out what you are going to eat for the night. The recipes are handcrafted by professional chefs you just need to cook it. All the ingredients are prepackaged and sent to your home Tuesday through Friday in a box with frozen gel packs. With no grocery rides in gridlock traffic, you can spend time doing the things you want.

In doing my Blue Apron review, I found that ordering has a great deal of flexibility. Depending on what your preferences are for the week, you are able to craft a menu specific to your palate. If you want to try an all fish diet one week you can do that; if you want to add more Mediterranean meals for your week you are able to do that, as well. Blue Apron offers a meal plan that suits everyone.

On the Blue Apron site, you can purchase a number of cookware items like pans, baking dishes, and cutlery. The site even offers spices for your cupboard if you are running low. If you want to pair a nice wine with your meal, you have a variety of suggestions that you can choose from.

So, what did my family eat?

Well, I just wanted to try out the site to see if I would like the food in general. So, I opted to go with the cheaper two-person meal plan.

The first meal we ate was pork and cabbage tacos with a pineapple salsa. The pork mince smelled very fresh and tasted great. The produce just as fresh as you would get from a farmer’s market. This particular meal comes with four tortillas so essentially four of us had a pre-dinner snack taco.


The tortillas were soft and smelled fresh, but were a little doughy. In lieu of making the pineapple salsa, but we decided to just top the taco with the Cotija cheese. The pickled chilies were okay, but it would have been better if they were crisp. A small bag of chips would have been appreciated, as well.

The second dish we tried was Miso-Butter chicken, it has a smooth rich taste that stays with you for a while. It is not a bad taste but for some people that do not like the taste of miso then this probably is not the dish for you. It definitely was not my uncle’s favorite dish. The curly kale gives the dish a nice bite, as well. I personally do not like kale so I gave it to my mother.


The dish also includes freekeh, it is a Middle Eastern grain that sort of resembles rice. The freekeh was fairly easy to cook. Boil just like other grains and add your ingredients. I forgot to add the salt and pepper as suggested so it was a little bland, but very tasty. The chicken was just as fresh as the mince it did not have any indistinguishable smells. There were a few pieces that had some fat on them, but that is an easy fix.

Do you need Blue Apron?

So, at the current price point, you should definitely give this a try. If you want an easy way to have a semi-gourmet meal from time to time during the week, Blue Apron is a great option. You are able to customize the menu whenever you want if you want to have the same thing the week after you can add it to your upcoming menu for the week. Blue Apron could improve on narrowing the delivery time. No one was home when the package arrived, luckily the temperature was relatively low. The gel packs are very good at regulating the temperature, however, it would be easier to gauge if you could track your package.

There should be options for people that have larger families, as I have. Currently, you can only choose meal plans that can feed up to four people. Having larger serving options could help more people.

So, would I recommend Blue Apron to someone I know? Yes, absolutely.

The food tastes fresh and it gets you out of your comfort zone to try new things. New dishes can become a family or personal favorite. Try out Blue Apron and see if it is something you could implement every so often.

Finally, if you do want to try Blue Apron, use this link, it will get you $30 bucks off your first order.

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