Save More in 2017 by Budgeting for Self-Improvement

We have less than two weeks before the new year begins. The staff at Critical Financial will be celebrating the end of 2016 starting today. It seemed like no one could win even if they had a head start. This is why 2017 needs to be the year of self-improvement. Better living should be a top priority for everyone. If you need to lose the tire around your midsection it’s time for you to get up and go to the gym. If you need to save more money at the end of 2017 then you need to start a budget for self-improvement. Make 2017 the year of investing in yourself.


Why is a budget for self-improvement so important? When you think about it, you spend hundreds of dollars each year promoting other people’s success. What makes them different from you? To make this new year a financial success there are some things that you need to include in your budget for self-improvement.

For example, putting that extra cash back into you and your future projects will help tremendously. We all have great ideas, well they could help at least one person if we try hard enough, but often those ideas are tossed out. Why? There simply is not enough funding to promote every single great idea. Setting a budget for self-improvement negates most of the financial setbacks you may incur. Will the money solve everything? Of course, not, but you will have an easier time getting out of any holes.

In the current climate that we are in, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur or at least a part of a fresh and sexy startup. But, for the rest of us that have regular lives, our budget for self-improvement is going to help us next Christmas when we realize we forgot to get Aunt Gladys a present (you forgot Aunt Gladys too, right?). Some of us just need that extra money for a good night out. If this is the case for you the Three Percent Saving Formula could be great for you.


Basically, the way the formula works by calculating the amount three percent of your annual salary. Then you simply divide that number by 12 to figure out how much you should save each month. For example, if your annual income is $100,000, you would need to save $250 until you end up with $3,000. At the end of the year make sure you reinvest that into yourself. At least 80 percent of it should be worked into your self-improvement.

What should you invest in? Simple anything you feel will benefit you in the long run. One of the best things you can invest in is your retirement. A Roth IRA is a great option if you want to plan far in advance for your retirement. Many people opt to save with this type of plan because they are generally not taxed by U.S. law. If you do not like that there is also the popular 401K retirement plan that everyone loves.


Stocks are a great way to use your extra cash, as well. Most companies are fairly safe when it comes to returning your money. You also want to do a lot of research on the company that you are going to invest in. You made a budget for self-improvement so you could have a better life not to blow it all on a horrible investment.

Starting a budget for self-improvement is one of the easiest things you can do with your money. It does not take time out of your day to do, and most likely you can do without a lot the items you think you need. All it takes is that first dollar and a little self-control. Make 2017 the year of saving.