Chalmette Woman Files Lawsuit to Remove Donald Trump from the 2024 Presidential Ballot in Louisiana 

A New Orleans resident is the latest individual to challenge the former president under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Her challenge joins the long list of allegations that Trump incited an insurrection in the build-up to January 6.

Louisiana joins the club

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Louisiana is the latest state where voters are seeking to disqualify former president Donald Trump from primary ballots after a Chalmette woman filed a lawsuit contending that he was ineligible from office for inciting the January 6 riots.

New Orleans resident wants Trump barred

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Chalmette resident Ashley Reeb filed the action on December 22 in East Baton Rouge Parish, asking a judge to block Republican frontrunner Trump from March’s primary for his alleged efforts to prevent the peaceful transfer of power following his 2020 election loss.

Insurrectionists cannot hold office

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“Both Trump’s actions (engaging in insurrection) as well as his inaction (giving aid and comfort to insurrectionists) on [January 6, 2021], disqualify him from holding any office of/under the United States,” Ms. Reeb’s lawsuit stated.

Conservative scholar inspired lawsuit 

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Ms. Reeb’s case is filed against Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin. Reeb says she was inspired by the conservative legal scholar J. Michael Luttig, who claimed the argument for removing Trump from the ballot was “unassailable.” “I have a massive respect for Judge Luttig,” she wrote. “Understanding this is what is driving my actions.”

The 14th Amendment bars Trump

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Similar challenges against the former president have been filed in over a dozen states by individuals and left-wing activists who allege that Trump’s actions leading up to January 6 violated Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Mixed bag 

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The State Supreme Courts of both Colorado and Maine have ruled that Trump should be disqualified from their ballots. Colorado’s GOP has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Michigan’s Supreme Court rejected an attempt to remove Trump under the same statute.

One of many challenges

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Courts nationwide, including those in New York, California, Oregon, and other jurisdictions, are also expected to rule on the former president’s qualifications under the “insurrection” clause over the next few months.

Civil War amendment 

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Louisiana legal experts say the latest case will likely face an uphill battle to remove Trump under the 14th Amendment, which was initially designed following the Civil War to prevent former Confederate generals from holding office. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment bars individuals who have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution and go on to “engage in insurrection or rebellion” from holding any public office.

Trump hasn’t been criminally convicted 

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“It might be a different situation if he had been criminally convicted in a court of law of insurrection,” Dillard University political analyst Robert Collins recently told Fox 8. “To make an interpretation that a president had engaged in insurrection, and to remove him from the ballot, I think most judges ideologically are just not there.”

Which hurts the case against him

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LSU political science professor James Stoner agreed that Trump’s lack of a criminal conviction would undermine the petition. “The whole meaning of the rule of law is that a prosecutor can’t just jail you because he thinks you’ve done something wrong,” Stoner said.

Not guilty

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“That’s only the first step. The prosecutor makes the charge and then it has to go to trial. That’s what happened with the Trump impeachment. The impeachment is a prosecution, but he was not convicted of those offenses.”


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