Charlamagne tha God Blasts Biden, Calls Trump ‘The End of Democracy As We Know It’

TV star Charlamagne tha God made a 180 on his previous support for Biden in a scathing CNN interview. The TV personality resorted to using expletives to express his frustration with the president.

Charlamagne’s regrets

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After initially endorsing Joe Biden for president in 2020, Charlamagne has had a notable change of heart. Speaking on CNN NewsNight, Abby Phillip sat down with the comedian and asked him to elaborate on his shift in perspective. “I want to just ask you, Charlamagne, I mean, you made waves in a recent interview saying that you regret endorsing Joe Biden. Why?”

Ruined reputation


“It’s not that I regret endorsing Joe Biden,” explained Charlamagne. “I put my name and reputation on the line with my listeners. And when my listeners feel like he didn’t deliver, they come back to me, and they say, ‘Hey man, you’re the one who told us to vote for Joe Biden. You’re the one who told us to vote for Kamala Harris.’”

Charlamagne’s frustration with Biden

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Expressing the extent of his frustration with Biden, the TV personality resorted to using profanity to describe how he now feels about the president. “I think President Biden, historically, has been, for lack of a better word, a [expletive] elected official,” he said.

Trump, the end of democracy

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However, when asked whether he would be voting for Biden, the comedian made it clear that his opinion of Trump was not any more favorable. “Donald Trump is the end of democracy as we know it,” he told Phillip.

Charlamagne’s support for Biden

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The comedian’s current attitude toward Biden is a far cry from his relationship with the president a few years ago. Back in 2020, the celebrity endorsed and encouraged his followers to vote for the Democrat.

A heated exchange

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However, things took a turn in 2020 when Charlamagne hosted an online interview with Biden. After answering some of the TV personality’s questions, Biden said he would have to leave the call so his wife could use the room. “You can’t do that to Black media,” Charlamagne responded, hungry for more answers. “Because it’s a long way until November. We’ve got more questions.”

‘You ain’t Black,’ says Biden

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Unwilling to oblige, Biden retaliated with a comment that landed him in hot water for several weeks. “You’ve got more questions, but I tell you,” he began. “If you’ve got a problem, whether or not you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”

Biden’s ego

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Charlamagne has publicly criticized the president many times since their combative exchange. Filling in as a host for The Daily Show in December 2023, the exasperated comedian responded to Biden’s confident assertion that there are over 50 other Democrats who could defeat Trump. “This is Biden’s ego talking,” he declared. “If you think there are other people who can beat him, step aside. I know you think you’ve got this in the bag. I know he thinks he’s got this in the bag, but the polls say otherwise.”

Charlamagne mocks Biden

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“I want Biden stepping in to beat Trump the way I want him stepping in to defend me at a bar fight. I appreciate you caring, but I don’t like our chances,” continued the comedian, appearing to mock the president’s frail demeanor.

Step aside, Mr. President

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“The facts are, Biden’s not getting any younger. He’s not going to get any more popular, and he’s not getting a new running mate,” he argued. “So, please, Mr. President, give America the ultimate Christmas gift and step aside.”

Democratic purity

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As reported by Politico, Charlamagne has also expressed criticism of Democrats as a whole. “It’s almost like Democrats are doing this purity test. America is not pure,” he asserted. “The people of America are not pure. We’re flawed. I’m not looking for my politicians to be pure… I’m looking for my politicians to be effective.”



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