5 Cheap Vacation Spots For Your Next Getaway

cheap vacation spots

If you’re looking to use up some last minute vacation days or looking for somewhere to head in the next few trips without breaking the bank, you might have more cheap vacation spots to consider than you think. Whether you’re looking for hot beaches, all-inclusive sun or snow-covered mountains to ski on, we’ve got you covered.


cheap vacation spots mexico

An all-inclusive vacation to Mexico is a great way to spend a week recuperating from everyday life. And they are relatively cheap. Granted, you’re going to want to wait until a week or so after Christmas to head out but you can get yourself a slamming good deal if you head out on your vacation while everyone heads back to work.

The best part of Mexico is that you can find yourself an all-inclusive vacation. You just need to cover your flight bookings with Jettly, and accommodation costs, and you’re set for the trip. No need to spend any extra money (unless you want to bring something home). The weather is also much warmer than most areas of the U.S., so you’re in for a few t-shirt and shorts days.

Pretty Much Anywhere in Canada

Granted, this time of year Canada is a little cold. But if you’re into catching some snow on the slopes, it’s the perfect place to head. Not only are the flights reasonably priced, but the American dollar is worth significantly more than the Canadian one. That means that your small trip budget goes much further there.

While there are a few beautiful spots to visit in Canada, if you’re looking to hit the slopes than Calgary, Alberta is where you’ll want to head. Only an hour away from the Rocky Mountains, Calgary has plenty of places to stay, things to do and great airport access. A short drive from the city and you can find yourself in Canmore, Banff or Lake Louise. As far as places to stay and things to do goes, you can book yourself a four-star hotel in Lake Louise for just over $100 or ski at Sunshine for under $90. It’s a great time to visit Canada!


Peru is also a great place for the American dollar. Each dollar is worth over three soles, so you’re money goes much farther. Granted, the flight costs a bit more than a zip up to Canada, but the weather is a better fit for those of us looking to catch some rays (and not have to wear a down jacket).

The flight upfront will likely set you back between $1,000 and $1,500, but once you’re there, you can get yourself decent food and hotel costs. Plus there’s the culture and scenery to take in. If you’re looking for a hiking excursion, you might consider visiting Machu Picchu, explore the real Amazon and try some very adventurous food.


cheap vacation spots china

As with Peru, the bulk of your China travel cost is going to go towards your airfare. But once you’re there, you’re money goes a lot further, making it a pretty cheap vacation. You can often find yourself a place to stay for around $50 a night; meals are a fraction of the price you’d pay going out in your home city and transit is fast and cheap.

While China isn’t Mexico hot at this time of year, the weather is still relatively warm. As for things to do, you could find yourself taking in the sights at the Great Wall, taking in the history at the Forbidden City or visiting the pandas!

Take A Short Cruise

Cruises don’t usually make the vacation hot list, and I have yet to figure out why. Depending on where you’re located they can be a real steal of a deal. For example, from Miami, you can take a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas for $200 (I kid you not).

If you live on the coast, or anywhere reasonably close to cruise ports, you definitely want to consider it for your cheap vacation. Some great cheap cruise destinations include the Caribbean, Mexico and the Panama Canal.

Where would you recommend taking a cheap vacation? Share it in the comments below!

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