17 Childhood Activities Modern Tech Has Destroyed

We often hear older generations, such as boomers, complaining about “kids these days” and their obsession with screens. But we think that when it comes to many classic playtime activities, they actually have a point. Here are 17 childhood activities that have been ruined by modern technology.

Family Photo Time

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Have you ever felt the joy and anticipation of waiting for a photo to develop? Unfortunately, many members of our younger generations will never have that pleasure. Nowadays, anyone can take an instant digital picture with a simple tap of their phone, reducing the experience to an underwhelming daily occurrence.

Movie Nights

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Movie nights and cinema outings are great opportunities to spend some quality time in the presence of your friends or loved ones. But unfortunately, the prevalence of streaming services and online video platforms is beginning to take the place of this social experience.

Arts and Crafts Time

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The simple yet satisfying experience of traditional crafting is slowly being outpaced by digital platforms such as Pinterest, which provides thousands of crafting ideas. While this can be great for inspiring creativity, it also means that we’re relying less on the tactile experience of crafting classes or learning from our crafty friends and family members.

Preserving Children’s Artwork

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Sticking your children’s artwork on the kitchen fridge is a classic family tradition we believe in preserving. Sadly, this old practice is losing its appeal to modern families, who frequently prefer to post pictures of their children’s art on social media instead of physically in their homes.

The Evolution of Children’s Play in the Tech Era

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Do you remember the good old days when playtime meant visiting the local parks or playing with other kids on the street? This is increasingly becoming a thing of the past as screens replace the exciting outdoor world for many children, depriving them of sunlight, exercise, and social bonding.

Impact of Gadgets on Imaginative Play

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Technology has also had a drastic impact on the kinds of toys and gadgets children play with. Traditional toys are great tools for creative and imaginative play and often involve more physical activity than screens. Unfortunately, many kids today are opting to spend time on their phones, iPads, and computers instead.

Outdoor Activities and Nature Exploration

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The great outdoors has so much to offer, and yet millions of kids around the world aren’t making the most of its natural beauty. Increased screen time has led to a steep decrease in the time our kids are spending on outdoor activities.

Reading and Storytelling

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We love the tactile, hands-on experience provided by physical books. Alas, digital ebooks and audiobooks are becoming ever more popular among parents and their kids, reducing the amount of quality time spent on bedtime stories and potentially reducing the attention span of our children.

Traditional Board Games vs. Online Gaming

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Who doesn’t love a good board game? Well, apparently not our latest generations. While some youngsters do still enjoy gathering together for a game of Monopoly or chess, most have swapped out board gaming for online gaming.

Handwriting Skills in the Age of Typing

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Not so long ago, many of us communicated through touching, personalized handwritten letters. But handwriting is sadly going out of style as technological advances continue to create more ways to communicate via text and instant messaging.

Creative Writing and Story Creation

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In the past, kids would spend much of their time engaged in making up fantastical stories and imaginative play. Sadly, technological distractions are making these creative pastimes more and more rare for younger generations.

Collecting Physical Memorabilia

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The practice of collecting memorabilia such as stamps, coins, or postcards has become less common than it used to be. One key factor behind this change is the changing digital landscape, which now promotes the collection of digital rather than physical assets.

Face-to-Face Social Interactions

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While it’s great that it’s much easier to keep in touch with each other online these days, this shift has also made us less likely to meet up with one another in person. This habit is also true of children, who often have hundreds of online friends whom they may rarely, if ever, see in real life.

Traditional Sports and Physical Education

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The wide array of digital entertainment options available to our kids is making them less and less interested in pursuing or watching traditional sports. While screen time can be mentally stimulating, it doesn’t provide the same physical or social benefits as playing or watching sports.

Exploring Musical Instruments and Music Creation

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Advancements in technology have made it possible for kids to listen to millions of songs online and even compose their own music. While this can be a great creative outlet, it has also made the idea of taking the time to learn a physical instrument less appealing for many.

Building and Construction Play

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Nowadays, there are hundreds of digital building games for kids to choose from. However, these digital options often fail to provide the same level of creative potential and hands-on learning as their physical counterparts. Physical building toys are great for improving creativity, improving spatial awareness, and providing a tactile experience for children.

Role-Playing and Dress-Up Games

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For many children, the age-old ritual of dressing up as fantastical characters and roleplaying has been replaced by digital dress-up and roleplaying games. While these online options are more convenient, they often lack the physical and creative benefits offered by physical dress-up games.

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