Choose Best SIP Plans for Your Family Purpose

The first question when at High school would be what are your dreams for the future? Then the advice ‘Dream Big, Dream Secure’. Yes, it’s true, but would dreaming only succeed without any serious thought and effort?

Dreams can be achieved only if taken seriously and all effort to make it happen is placed as its goal. Earning money on your own money by investment is also nothing new. Everyone wants to secure the future and dreaming big is the best solution for making it happen with just small investments on a monthly or quarterly period of time.

Not timing the market but, time in the market helps in growing your earning to make all your dreams come true. Begin investing in the best SIP plans and effortlessly work towards your dreams achievement.

What Does SIP Mean?

By SIP we mean a Systematic Investment Plan. It is a smart investment, a hassle-free strategy for investing a predetermined amount of your money at regular intervals such as monthly, quarterly in mutual funds for a particular period of time. It helps in implanting habitual savings.

SIP in A Nutshell

  • A predetermined amount – continuous investment – regular intervals
  • Same as a recurring deposit or regular saving scheme.
  • Regular purchase of unit’s decision of frequency, the scheme is made by the investor.
  • Principle of cost averaging is applied, i.e. falling market more units purchased, and rising markets fewer units.
  • Participation in stock markets without timing it disciplining your investments.

Some of The Best SIP Plans with Performance


Scheme Name Star Ratings 3 Year Returns (%)
SBI Blue chip Reg fund – (G) ***** 26.25 %
Birla Frontline SL Equity Fund (G) ***** 23.15%
Franklin India Prime Plus Fund (G) ***** 27.17%
Mirae India Asset Opportunities Fund-Reg(G) ***** 27.45%
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund(G) ***** 33.33%
BNP Mid Cap Paribas Fund (G) ***** 33.82%


How Do Best SIP Plans Work?

SIP is a pliable and easy plan for investment. Here the Investor invests a fixed amount in a mutual fund of their choice. On the specific date chosen by the investor the money is auto-debited from his or her bank account, and investment is made into the chosen mutual fund. Based on the market value called Net Asset Value (NAV) certain numbers of units are allocated to the investor for the day. Each time you invest in the SIP plan additional units at the market rate are purchased and added to the investor’s account. Investors benefit from the Power of Compounding and from Rupee Cost Averaging since the units are purchased at different rates.

Advantages of The Best SIP Plans

  • Helps to implement saving plans for oneself.
  • There is no need to time the market.
  • In timing the market, you may stay away while markets were at their peak or may enter when market value has risen or declining.
  • Timely regular investment in best SIP plans would ensure investment at the peak and low, thus making a perfection of an opportunity, which would have been tough to decide ahead of time.
  • The convenience of investing through ECS (auto-debit) or postdated cheques.
  • SIP harnesses the power of two effective investment procedures

Benefit from instability

Small investment huge returns

  • Lighter on the pockets
  • Reaps huge benefits if started early.

How to Invest in The Best SIP Plans

  • List down your goals and work out a plan to achieve those goals through the Systematic Investment plans (SIP)
  • Make sure the mode of payment and the asset allocation, i.e. how much money, the choice of payment and the stipulated time or date
  • Select from the best SIP plans performance funds.
  • Fill an application form and a mandate SIP form indicating the choice of SIP date on which to invest.
  • Any standing instructions on whether to auto debit or post-dated cheques.
  • Submit the application form and SIP mandate along with the cheques either to the mutual fund office or to the Investor Service Centre or the nearest service centre of the Registrar and Transfer Agent.
  • The amount is then invested at the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the date of cheque realization.

Why Choose Best SIP Plans for Your Family Purpose?

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) is the most fruitful way of building wealth. Regularize the cost of investments and acquire higher returns over a long-term period. You never know when you or your family requires an extra income.  Instead of a huge one-time investment and cutting on your pockets

  • SIP helps you build that extra income in small investments without feeling the pinch.  Since SIP investments spread over a long period of time in the market, there is a higher chance of earning wealth as against a one-time lump sum investment.
  • Looking at the market cycle SIPs work to the benefit of the investors on long-term investment by lowering the average purchase cost.
  • By regular investing in SIP, investors earn a return on return through the benefits of compounding from one or even more market cycles.
  • SIPs are affordable, even a person with a small paying job can start a SIP since the amount is low minimum Rs. 500 per month.
  • You can invest in SIP without any alterations in financial obligations.