Classic Farmhouse Wall Decor Inspirations You’ll Surely Love

Does the wall in your home look dull? You can make use of modern farmhouse wall décor to transform your wall into an elegant one. Update the look and feel of your walls by using vintage artwork, chalkboards, and more.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to farmhouse style or you want to complement the look of your home. If you have a farmhouse-inspired furnishing, you can make use of some decorations you have at home.

Below are some farmhouse walls that you can use to help you get inspired.

  •       Shiplap Stunner

It is a timeless accent for any farmhouse-inspired home. There is a version that is created to add dimension to the washed wall without overdoing it. A horse drawing, wicker basket, and rustic galvanized bucket all add to its classic country vibe. 

  •       Farmhouse Character

You can also decorate your wall with antique wall art like marquee letters, chalkboards, and a salvaged door from a store. Fill your shelves with country accents by putting vintage pitchers and accents.

  •       Plaid Accent Wall

You can always play with a plaid accent wall. Apply the country theme by re-staining and hanging them as a floating shelf.

  •       Schoolhouse Style

Old schoolhouses use a chalkboard framed using wall art.

  •       Wild, Wild, West

This style is a show-stopper. You can play with the style by filling any blank spaces using a cascading plant or other natural elements. 

  •       Classic Farmhouse Accents

You can use your antique trays, old serving trays of all shapes and size. When they are placed vertically on a shiplap wall, they draw the eyes back, giving you an expanded kitchen.

Nowadays, the farmhouse style seems to be popular. Below are some ways on how you can get that warm fuzzy farmhouse vibe décor for your room.

  1.       Light walls, wood floors

Start transforming your room with the background. Pull out your paint supplies and start painting your walls white or ivory. Paints will immediately brighten things up, and you will have a neutral experience. If you have wood floors, whether painted or not, can also add up to the feel.

  1.       Vintage or vintage-inspired accessories

The best thing about the farmhouse style is you can use something that you love as part of your decoration. You can add your collections such as mason jars, quilts, old silvers, baskets, and wood bowls. If you don’t have any of these accessories, you can add a few vintage attachments to add up to the farmhouse feel.

  1.       Painted furniture

Adding painted furniture can also add to the feel of your farmhouse-inspired room.

  1.       Open shelves

These items ho hand-in-hand with accessorizing and using your collections. Here’s another tip to maximize your open shelves. Paint the section of cabinetry in your kitchen using a contrasting color. It will give you the illusion of being a piece of furniture.

Decorating in the farmhouse style is becoming popular nowadays. Keep in mind that this style focuses more on practicality rather than a luxury.