17 Clear Indicators Your Significant Other Is Taking You for Granted

We all want relationships that are loving, fair, and mutually rewarding. However, the unfortunate truth is that sometimes one partner will start taking the other for granted, creating a sense of imbalance and unfairness. If you’re worried this may be happening in your relationship, we’ve got your back. Here are 17 signs your partner may be taking you for granted.

Lack of Appreciation for Your Efforts

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Does it feel like no matter what you say or do for your partner, they don’t seem to appreciate the gesture? If so, it’s possible they are taking your kindness for granted. Sometimes, our contributions shift from being appreciated to being expected, which is not healthy for the longevity of any relationship.

Your Needs Are Consistently Ignored

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As stated by Eddins Counseling Group, communication plays an essential role in the success of any relationship, and one aspect of that is effectively communicating your needs. If your partner is well aware of your needs and still seems to ignore or neglect them, they may be taking you for granted.

Unilateral Decision-Making

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When making significant decisions that affect both parties in a relationship, both people must be consulted before the final decision is made. Those who take their partners for granted will often fail to do this, making important decisions on their own without asking their partner about it.

Imbalance in Effort and Investment

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Your boyfriend or girlfriend may be taking advantage of you if it seems like you are always the one putting all the effort into the relationship. This is even more likely if, when you bring this issue to their attention, they act defensively or dismissively.

Lack of Reciprocity

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Kind gestures of generosity and support play a key role in relationships. Therefore, if it seems like your acts of love are unappreciated and unreciprocated, this is unhealthy for the relationship and may be a sign that they are taking you for granted.

Communication Is Taken for Granted

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As noted by Healing Collective Therapy, healthy communication is the backbone of any relationship. So when it feels like your partner is ignoring, dismissing, or rejecting your attempts at communication, this can be a real red flag. It’s a good idea to bring this issue to their attention and potentially reconsider the relationship if they still don’t seem to understand.

Your Time Is Not Valued

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It’s incredibly important for partners to feel respected by one another. Constantly canceling plans, showing up late, or making commitments without informing your partner are all surefire ways to make your significant other feel disrespected and taken for granted.

Constantly Making Excuses for Their Behavior

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Another essential aspect of any relationship is accountability. It’s normal to slip up and make mistakes every now and then, but the important part is owning up to and apologizing for those mistakes. If instead, they react with excuses and defensiveness, they may be taking you for granted.

Feeling Like a Low Priority

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Naturally, we all want to feel special to and prioritized by our romantic partners. If your partner always seems to put other people and aspects of their life before you, this can negatively impact your self-esteem and make you feel unimportant to them.

Emotional Unavailability from Your Partner

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Emotionally unavailable partners can be incredibly difficult to deal with. They can make us feel unheard, disconnected, and alone, even when they’re physically present. Emotional unavailability from your partner can also be a sign that they’re taking you for granted in the relationship.

Your Achievements Go Uncelebrated

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Our other halves should support us through all the highs and lows life has to offer. When your partner seems indifferent to or barely acknowledges your achievements or successes, this could mean that they are taking you for granted.

Lack of Interest in Your Life

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It’s important that we feel like our partner is invested in us and our lives. One of the most common and effective ways of displaying this investment is by asking about your day, interests, and other aspects of your life. If it seems like your partner never asks these questions or seems uninterested when you talk about yourself, they may be taking you for granted.

Absence During Critical Moments

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Does your partner seem to have a strange habit of disappearing when times get tough? If so, they may be taking you for granted. It’s very important to feel emotionally and mentally supported by your partner, especially during times of crisis.

Inflexibility to Compromise

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Unfortunately, we can’t always be on the same page about everything in our relationships. That’s why it’s important to know when to compromise or make little sacrifices that leave both people feeling respected. People who take their partners for granted are often strangely reluctant to meet this standard.

Your Kindness Is Expected, Not Appreciated

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A healthy dose of kindness should be present in all relationships. However, that does not mean that someone’s generosity should be taken for granted. If it feels like your boyfriend or girlfriend is expecting rather than appreciating your acts of kindness, this can be a red flag.

Disregard for Your Opinions and Ideas

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We all deserve to feel like our thoughts and ideas are valued, especially by our romantic partners. But sadly, people who take their significant others for granted will often react with indifference, dismissal, or a lack of care when their partners express their opinions.

Overstepping Boundaries

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As noted by Mindful Health Solutions, boundaries play an essential role in ensuring that both partners in a relationship feel respected and heard. If your partner seems to consistently ignore or overstep your boundaries, this is a likely sign they are taking advantage of you.

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