17 Clear Signs That Someone Is Actually a Kind Person

We’d all like to be surrounded by kind, loving people who have our best interests at heart. But how can you tell whether someone is truly good-hearted or just using manipulative tactics to get what they want? To help you decide, we’ve compiled 17 clear signs that someone is actually a kind person.

Offers Help Without Being Asked

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If somebody takes the initiative to help, support, or empathize with you, it’s likely they’re a genuinely kind person. This action demonstrates their ability to understand the needs of those around them and a willingness to do what they can to help.

Listens More Than They Speak

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We all want to feel heard and understood in our interactions with others. However, talking too much and speaking over others can make them feel ignored or undervalued. Kind people understand this, so they will often refrain from talking as much as the other person to ensure everyone in the conversation feels respected.

Regularly Expresses Gratitude

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Gratitude is great for the mind, body, and soul. According to the American Heart Association, practicing gratitude can improve one’s sleep, immunity, and mental well-being. Kind individuals understand the importance of expressing their thanks and appreciation to others and will do their best to make the people in their lives feel valued.

Shows Patience in Stressful Situations

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Testing times can make even the coolest of us lose our patience. But kind souls will do their best to maintain their composure, kindness, and politeness to others, even if they’re struggling with stress and volatile emotions. If you notice that someone in your life does their best to treat you with compassion even when they’re struggling, this is a good sign that they’re a genuinely good person.

Demonstrates Consistent Respect for Everyone

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Some people will only show respect to those they deem worthy of it. On the other hand, kind people will usually treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve, regardless of their background or social status. This also means they will typically celebrate inclusivity and diversity in many aspects of life.

Engages in Random Acts of Kindness

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As you may expect, kind people are big fans of random acts of kindness. A study also shows that people who perform random acts of kindness usually underestimate how much their target will appreciate it. So if you notice somebody regularly engaging in kind gestures without expecting any sort of reward or recognition, they’re probably a good-hearted person.

Is Generous with Time and Resources

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Kind people show their generosity in many different ways, including by sharing their time and resources with those who could benefit from them. If you notice that someone regularly takes the initiative to share what they have with others, they’re probably a kind person.

Practices Forgiveness

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It’s normal to feel hurt and a little resentful when people betray your trust or do things that go against your values. However, kind people understand that most people aren’t coming from a bad place and will display a willingness to forgive those who’ve wronged them.

Celebrates Others’ Successes

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Instead of expressing jealousy and envy when others succeed, kind individuals will celebrate with them and show genuine happiness. If your friend or partner is always there to support you through your trials and tribulations, you’ll be happy to hear that their kindness is probably authentic.   

Is Approachable and Friendly

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Kind people understand the importance of making everyone around them feel comfortable, welcome, and included. So when they meet a new person, they will typically approach them with open body language and a warm, friendly attitude that comes across as highly approachable and trustworthy.

Values Deep Conversations Over Small Talk

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Empathetic individuals usually prefer deep, meaningful discussions over small talk. This is because they know that these kinds of conversations allow for a deeper sense of connection and mutual understanding. They also typically show a willingness to learn more about the other person’s experiences, feelings, and opinions.

Respects Boundaries and Personal Space

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As noted by Psych Central, maintaining healthy boundaries is essential for your personal safety and mental well-being. Truly kind people will understand this and always do their best to respect your limits and comfort zone. For example, they will properly ask for consent and communicate honestly about boundaries.

Always Looks for the Best in People

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If someone in your life always seems to look for the best in people and focus more on their positive qualities than their flaws, they’re probably a kind person. Empathetic people have a greater capacity to understand people’s intentions and remain optimistic about human nature and the potential for growth.

Goes Out of Their Way to Include Everyone

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When an empathetic individual sees someone feeling marginalized or hurt, it hurts them too. That’s why genuinely kind people will always go out of their way to ensure everyone feels included and accepted into the group. When they do notice someone feeling excluded, they’ll typically take the steps needed to bring them into the conversation or social circle.

Apologizes and Admits Mistakes

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Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. The important thing is how you handle those mistakes. Kind people have a good understanding of this, so they will typically own up to their mistakes and take responsibility when the time comes. They usually also display a willingness to learn and grow from their mistakes.

Gives Compliments Freely and Sincerely

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While manipulative people may selectively flatter people to get what they want, those who are genuinely good-hearted will give compliments freely without expecting anything in return. Instead of making people feel uncomfortable with insincere and excessive flattery, they will use meaningful, personal words of affirmation.

Exhibits Empathy in Listening and Responding

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Forbes notes that active listening and empathy are essential tools for maintaining healthy, happy relationships. Kind people are great at understanding and sharing the feelings of those close to them, providing comfort and emotional support in trying times.

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