17 Clever Ways to Repurpose Worn-Out Baking Sheets

If your baking sheet has seen better days, it might be time to retire it from chocolate chip cookies, but that doesn’t mean throwing it away altogether. Get inspired with these 17 clever DIY hacks that will help you repurpose your baking sheet and reduce waste.

Magnetic Organizer Board

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Depending on the material of the baking sheet, you should be able to add magnets to hold notes, photos, and recipe cards, making a great memo board for the kitchen. You could also use it in a home office or crafting area to organize any bits of paper or display mementos. To match your décor, paint the sheet or cover it with fabric.


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Painting the baking sheet with chalkboard paint creates the perfect place to leave yourself notes or let the kids get creative. According to Better Homes & Gardens, if your surface is textured, “you may need to sand the surface smooth before painting.” Once painted, you could frame the edges and hang it on the wall.

Customized Serving Tray

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By refinishing the surface and adding a handle to each side, you can transform it into a cool serving tray. Consider painting the tray a color that matches your home décor, or use adhesive vinyl to add a pattern to the tray; just make sure you finish with a clear acrylic coating to make it easy to clean.

Under-the-Sink Drip Catcher

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If you discover a leaky pipe under your kitchen or bathroom sink, a baking sheet makes a sturdy container for catching drips and spills to protect your cabinet. You can add towels or sponges to the tray to soak up water, and make sure to regularly clean it to prevent mold or mildew build-up.

Drawer Organizer

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Storage organizers can be expensive, and making use of what you already have not only saves you money but also reduces your impact on the environment. Carefully cut the tray to the size you need, and then you can paint or line it with fabric to match the rest of your room.

Garden Potting Tray

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Gardening supplies can often be expensive and full of non-recyclable plastic, so reusing a baking tray is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. According to the RHS, “Saucers or trays placed under pots during dry spells in summer can help reduce water and fertilizer use.”

Craft Supplies Sorter

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Craft supplies can quickly get messy, especially when using small pieces such as beads, sequins, or glitter. A baking tray makes a great organizer during craft projects, as all the pieces are contained in one area. You could even use cardboard to split the tray into different sections and make sure your supplies don’t get muddled up.

Pet Feeding Station

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If your pet is a bit of a messy eater or tends to knock over their bowls, it can be helpful to contain them on a tray. The baking tray works perfectly, as it will catch any spills and keep your floor nice and clean. Just make sure to clean it regularly.

Wall Art

home work
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Crafty people are always looking for their next project, and this might just be it. Using a baking tray as a base, you can create a collage or mosaic using tiles, collected shells, or any other supplies you have lying around. Add a string or hook to the back and you’ll be able to hang your masterpiece on the wall.

Jewelry Display

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There’s nothing worse than finding your jewelry all tangled into one big mess, so save yourself some time and repurpose your tray as a jewelry organizer. Refinish the tray with lining paper or fabric, then attach stick-on hooks to hang each of your necklaces and bracelets. Hanging one on the inside of your closet makes it super easy in the morning.

Kids’ Play Tray

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You can fill your tray with sand, water, playdough, or other things to create a sensory play activity for the kids. The Cleveland Clinic says that sensory play helps “them develop language skills and motor skills. It also helps with cognitive growth, fosters social interactions, and encourages experimentation.”

Boot and Shoe Tray

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If you find yourself coming out of the garden with wet or muddy shoes, this is a great way to keep your floors clean. Fill the tray with gravel or pebbles and place it by the entryway, then leave your boots on top to drain away any water. Make sure to regularly rinse it to prevent it from getting too dirty.

Miniature Indoor Greenhouse

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By adding a clear plastic cover, you can repurpose your baking tray to form a mini greenhouse. This is perfect for starting seedlings or growing more tropical plants. Architectural Digest says, “Greenhouses provide a condition of high humidity, which works well for tropical houseplants like aroids, ferns, and orchids.”

Desk Organizer

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In a drawer or on top of your desk, a tray is a great way to organize items like pens, paper clips, and notepads. You can customize it with paint or decorative paper and segment items using smaller containers or cardboard dividers to keep it neat.

Photography Background

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If you’re photographing food or small, close-up products, a well-worn baking tray makes a great textured background to add interest to your photos. You can paint the surface or add different finishes to create a variety of effects with this easy-to-store prop.

Home Gym Equipment Tray

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Most people don’t have a specific area to work out in their home, but using a tray as a small storage area works well. It helps to keep your home organized and free from clutter by providing you with a specific space for dumbbells, resistance bands, and yoga blocks.

Seasonal Decoration Base

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Using a tray as a base for seasonal decoration allows you to easily change it up depending on the holiday or time of year. You could add baubles at Christmas time or mini pumpkins at Halloween, then decorate with lights or garlands for a great centerpiece.

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