18 Common Behaviors of Naturally Charismatic People

Originally, charisma, derived from the Greek word ‘charis,’ referred to a ‘divinely conferred power or talent.’ Charismatic individuals aren’t all touched by gods, but they do possess a unique blend of behaviors and traits that make them magnetic and persuasive, drawing others toward them with ease. Here are 18 common behaviors of naturally charismatic people.


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“Self-awareness entails being aware of your inner experiences, such as thoughts and emotions, and how your presence and behavior affect other people,” says Science of People. Being aware of their strengths as well as their weaknesses allows them to play to their strengths while mitigating their weaknesses.

Open body language

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Charismatic people always feel approachable and inviting. They use open and powerful body language to convey confidence and approachability. They exude self-assurance, but not in a way that is off-putting to others.

Active listening

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They are excellent listeners. They do not listen to respond, but rather to hear what the other person has to say. This kindness makes people feel validated and important, which draws people closer to them.

Treating everyone with equal respect

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Charismatic individuals treat everyone they encounter with the same level of respect, regardless of their status. This makes others feel comfortable, drawing them in like moths to a light.

Warmth and competence

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They combine warmth with competence, making them both likable and trustworthy. Just being likable isn’t enough to be considered charismatic; there is a power to it, and being competent but unfriendly can come off as cocky. Forbes reports, “Someone with too much warmth and not enough competence can come across as friendly but not always impressive; heavy competence without much warmth is viewed as intelligent but cold and highly suspicious.”


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You know those people who change the energy of the room just by walking in. And generally, that energy is positive. They have a noticeable presence, making others feel their energy and attention when they enter a room. This isn’t a loud or boisterous energy; charismatic people don’t need to ask for attention.

Empathy and understanding

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They can relate to others’ experiences, making connections through shared feelings and understanding. They can make you feel like the only person in the room when they are talking to you. In the words of Psychology Today, “Charismatic people work to try to understand others, their feelings, and their concerns.”

Unforced curiosity

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Charismatic people are genuinely curious about the world and the people around them, which helps them connect on a deeper level. Looking at people and the world around them with wonder is an appealing aspect of charismatic people. It brings people in to learn with them or show them new things.

Desire to grow and succeed

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They see life as an opportunity for growth and success, attracting others with their ambition and positive outlook. Charismatic people don’t sit back and wait for the world to happen for them. They are also not running over other people on their path to success. Unlike selfish people, they believe there is plenty of room at the table.

Vulnerability with a positive spin

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Charismatic people are not afraid to show vulnerability, but they do so in a way that adds value and invites trust. Being the mayors of balance, charismatic people manage to be just vulnerable enough to be warm and real without being a burden to others.

Passion for their mission

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People with charisma have enthusiasm for their goals and beliefs, which is infectious and draws others to their cause. When their mission is an honorable one, this makes them great leaders.

Masterful communication

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Whether through words or body language, charismatic people communicate effectively and persuasively. Charismatic leaders speak in “picturesque” language, make good use of metaphors and vivid storytelling to convey images and meaning, and use carefully chosen words and phrases to motivate others.


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Charismatic individuals can adapt to changes in social situations, maintaining their charm and effectiveness. Professor William von Hippel at the University of Queensland states, “The fact that what works in one situation often does not work in another suggests that behavioral flexibility may be the single most important attribute for social functioning.” Being at ease and able to relate and communicate, whether in a casual or social setting, comes naturally to charismatic people.


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Charismatic people can come up with responses and engage in banter swiftly, keeping conversations lively and engaging. Part of being quick-witted is being able to think on your feet and read the room to make sure the responses will land with the crowd. Being quick-witted can be a greater indicator of charisma than just being smart or having a good personality.

Ability to handle conflict and negotiate

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Their adaptability extends to resolving conflicts and negotiating effectively, ensuring positive outcomes. Charismatic people do not lose their cool easily or get caught up in petty arguments. They know how to diffuse heated conflicts with their wit and charm and get people to come to terms in a way that everyone feels like they’re winning.

Acknowledging others’ accomplishments

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They recognize and appreciate the achievements of others, making people feel valued and seen. Charismatic people don’t make everything about themselves. They give acknowledgement and praise to other people and bring them into the spotlight.

Picking up on nonverbal cues

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Charismatic people are highly attuned to the body language and nonverbal signals of others, allowing them to respond appropriately and deepen connections. Being able to hear what people are not saying can help people feel important, and when people feel important and connected, their bond will grow. Those who are charismatic have this natural sense of people.

They Smile Often

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The person who naturally smiles is often a person who gets beyond rough patches and difficult stuff. They aren’t carrying visible baggage around, in their body language or their spoken words.

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