Cops Called on Lauren Boebert After an Alleged Physical Assault on Her Ex-Husband

Colorado Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert has found herself in the midst of a police investigation after she was accused of physically assaulting her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, who reported her for domestic violence.

Allegations of assault

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The alleged altercation took place at the Miner’s Claim restaurant in Silt and first became public after a social media user shared posts on X about the incident. One post read, “Breaking and sad news out of Silt, CO. @laurenboebert punched her ex-husband Jayson in the nose two times and then continued to beat him up.”

Denial and contradictions

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According to a Boebert aide, nobody was arrested, Lauren denies that any domestic violence took place, and the X posts are not accurate, though Jayson did call the police to the restaurant.

Countering claims

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Speaking to The Daily Beast, Lauren again denied the allegations, saying, “I didn’t punch Jayson in the face and no one was arrested. I will be consulting with my lawyer about the false claims he made against me and evaluate all of my legal options.”

The details

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As told by the aide, Lauren said that Jayson had begun being “disrespectful” and “lewd” at the table. He then allegedly went to grab his ex-wife, who tried to keep him back by putting her hand in his face and on his nose. The aide shared that Lauren maintains she was not violent and did not punch him.

A conflicting narrative

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The day after the incident, however, Jayson told The Daily Beast that the social media claims were true and that Lauren had indeed punched him several times in the face. He claimed that he had a witness but was going to ask the police to end the investigation.

Changing statements

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The following day, once again speaking to The Daily Beast, Jayson shared, “I made a mistake. We both overreacted. I only want what’s best for [the] boys and I still love her very much. We both share some hurt deep down inside … It seems we just keep pushing each other further apart. I want the best for her. It’s probably just best that I remain silent.”

Political shift

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Not too long ago, Boebert announced she’d be moving to a different, more Republican-friendly district after a close-call win in her current one. In a podcast interview, she claimed she was moving because Democrats in the district “do not have policies that they are running on, they’re simply running against Lauren Boebert” and that an influx of Democrat donations from Hollywood was driving her away.

Pattern of controversies

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The altercation with her ex-husband is not the first time Lauren Boebert has appeared in headlines for all the wrong reasons. She has had quite a history of controversy in her relatively short political career thus far.

Racist remarks

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Boebert has repeatedly made Islamophobic jokes and comments about Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar. In separate incidents, she publicly called Omar a “full-time propagandist for Hamas” and later called her a member of a “Jihad squad.”

Public feuds

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There has been more than one reported incident of public arguments between Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene. A January 2023 incident involved the duo shouting at each other in a bathroom over who Boebert had cast her House speaker vote for.

House floor drama

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A subsequent screaming match was spotted on the floor of the House of Representatives months later over which of them would get to file the newest articles of impeachment against Joe Biden. Swearing and spitting were involved.

Disruptive conduct

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In September 2023, Boebert was escorted out of a Denver theater performance of “Beetlejuice” for vaping, being too loud, and using her phone. She also reportedly engaged in inappropriate behavior with her date and was seen giving security the middle finger as she left.

All the more reason

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Following her latest controversial incident, the alleged restaurant assault, Boebert shared in her statement that it was “another reason” she is moving to a new district.



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