17 Countries That Are Better to Live in Than the US

When it comes to the place we call home, we all have different preferences. As such, it’s difficult to say that one country is definitively “better” to live in than another. However, we can certainly make a strong argument. Here are 17 countries we think are better to live in than the U.S.

Ireland: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

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Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage and strong identity. Most Americans love St. Patrick’s Day, so what better place to celebrate this lively holiday than the birthplace itself? Ireland also offers a great balance between urban life and beautiful natural landscapes.

Germany: Efficiency and Quality

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The perfectionists among us will certainly appreciate this next location. Germany is a wonderful country with a strong focus on efficiency, innovation, and solid infrastructure. Its engineering and manufacturing industries are some of the strongest in the world, and it provides a high level of social security and healthcare.

The Netherlands: Progressive and Welcoming

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Have you heard that the Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage? The Netherlands is a great place for progressives and members of the LGBTQ+ community, with solid anti-discrimination laws and a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

Finland: The World’s Happiest Country

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Finland came out as the happiest country in the world a breathtaking six years in a row. As such, it goes without saying that many of us may find ourselves enjoying the joys this European country has to offer. Finland strikes a great work-life balance and boasts a beautiful natural environment.

Singapore: A Bustling Multicultural Hub

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Singapore has become famous for its vibrant cuisine, safety, and multicultural environment. The country’s high living standards and strength in the ICT and gaming sectors also make this country a wonderful place for a diverse range of hobbies and preferences.

Australia: Laid-Back and Diverse

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Is Australia really worth moving to the other side of the world for? Well, hear us out on this one. Australia is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches and wildlife in the world. It also boasts a relaxed, welcoming culture and a diverse job market with particular strengths in tourism, agriculture, and entrepreneurship.

Japan: Tradition Meets Modernity

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We’re heading over to Asia now to make a case for Japan. This Eastern country has a rich history and a unique mix of traditional and modern elements. Japan is also known for its people’s polite, respectful nature and low crime levels. In fact, it is one of the world’s safest countries.

Sweden: Innovation and Sustainability

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Sweden is another beautiful country with breathtaking natural scenery and a high quality of life. The country is known for its progressive attitude, egalitarian society, and high social welfare. If you’re into sustainability, you’ll be happy to hear that Sweden is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of sustainability, environmental advocacy, and innovation.

Luxembourg: Small but Mighty

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Luxembourg may be a tiny country, but that certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot going for it. This little country has an impressively high standard of living and a strong financial sector, with ever more technology and innovation opportunities. It is also rich in social and cultural diversity, with a lively multilingual environment.

Belgium: Cultural Richness and Inclusivity

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Delicious chocolate, rich history, and incredible art – what’s not to love? Belgium is a lovely country with high social welfare standards and a commendable job market, especially in EU institutions. The country also offers a rich multicultural and multilingual environment.

New Zealand: Outdoor Paradise

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New Zealand is a stunning country with gorgeous natural landscapes and a refreshing outdoor lifestyle. Kiwis are also known for their firm focus on environmental sustainability and robust healthcare and education systems. The country’s people also have a generally warm and welcoming attitude towards a diverse range of individuals.

Canada: Diverse and Welcoming

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Canada? Whether it’s the polite people, unbeatable national parks, or inclusive environment, there are plenty of reasons to come to Canada. This beautiful country has impeccable living standards and some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the world.

United Kingdom: Historical Charm and Modernity

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The U.K. is famous for its combination of rich history and modern flair. England is home to many charming landmarks, including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Stonehenge. Meanwhile, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland all have stunning wildlife and natural beauty spots to offer, as well as a diverse cultural experience.

Spain: Vibrant Culture and Relaxed Lifestyle

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If you’re a fan of hot weather, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine, you’ll love Spain. This European country is known for its relaxed lifestyle and strong focus on family and community. It is also home to many charming historic cities and landmarks, which are a testament to its rich cultural heritage.

Austria: Cultural Richness and High Living Standards

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Austria boasts a high quality of life, with 82% of its residents stating that they have more positive daily experiences than negative ones. The country also offers strong healthcare and education systems and excels in its tourism, manufacturing, and technology sectors.

France: A Focus on Quality of Life

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Who wouldn’t love to live in this beautiful country of romance and culture? France is a nation with a rich cultural history, delicious culinary delights, and awe-inspiring landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. While its tax rate is on the higher side, it repays its residents with comprehensive social welfare benefits and a robust education system.

Malta: Mediterranean Charm

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If you’re all about that laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle, you’ll love Malta. This charming country boasts a warm climate, beautiful natural landscapes, and thriving tourism and gaming sectors. Malta is also known for its high quality of life and commendable healthcare system.

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