17 Countries With Healthcare Systems Superior to the US

There’s no denying the U.S. has a great healthcare system; it’s just very expensive. There are countries in the world that have lower healthcare costs and easier accessibility. Here are 17 countries with healthcare systems superior to that of the United States.


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Healthcare in Norway is universal and covers a variety of services. This is supported by The Commonwealth Fund, which writes, “Services covered include primary, ambulatory, mental health, and hospital care, as well as select outpatient prescription drugs.” It has a strong focus on primary care and high-quality patient outcomes.  


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The Netherlands ensures it puts a strong emphasis on quality and accessibility with regard to its healthcare system. It has a regulated system, which ensures universal coverage. The country has strong patient engagement and preventative care options. The Netherlands ranks eleventh when it comes to the best healthcare. 


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Australia offers universal healthcare through its Medicare system. It focuses on preventative care measures and safe healthcare practices. It’s ranked as one of the top countries for the best healthcare, especially when it comes to outcomes. It’s been ranked high on the list for many years now and isn’t slowing down. 

United Kingdom

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With universal healthcare in place in the form of the NHS (the National Health Service), the U.K. is ranked as one of the best countries. The United Kingdom puts an emphasis on community-based primary care, which has minimal costs. There’s a low rate of preventable mortality and high patient satisfaction. 


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Canada has a publicly funded healthcare system with universal coverage. The country puts its focus on accessibility and preventative measures. It aims to reduce administrative burdens for patients and healthcare providers. Many Canadians are left feeling satisfied with the service they receive. 


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The Euro Health Observatory writes, “The Swedish health care system has high public funding, universal coverage, an ambitious uptake of modern technologies and efforts to prevent unhealthy lifestyles.” It’s known for having strong social safety nets and universal healthcare. It’s highly ranked for patient engagement and preventative care.  

New Zealand

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New Zealand has a universal healthcare system with a strong focus on equity. The system is funded through taxes and emphasizes safe care for the public to reduce administrative burdens on workers. The healthcare system in New Zealand is known for its patient-centered healthcare practices.   


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Switzerland has a multi-payer system with mandatory health insurance. Because of this, it’s down to its efficiency and quality when it comes to delivering healthcare. Sweden is among the top countries with the lowest rates of preventable mortality. Switzerland ranks number 10 on the best healthcare system list. 


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France offers its residents a universal healthcare system through a combination of public and private insurance. It ensures there’s a strong emphasis on accessibility and quality healthcare. It focuses on primary care and coordinated patient care to make sure people can have the best. 


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If there’s one thing Germany is known for, it’s the country’s robust healthcare system with its universal coverage. It always makes sure its healthcare is of high quality and has high patient engagement. Germany offers a mix of public and private insurance options. 


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Pacific Prime writes, “Singapore’s healthcare system frequently ranks among the best in the world, and it’s admired by many other nations due to its remarkable outcomes.” The healthcare system in Singapore is praised for its efficiency and constantly ranks number one on the list of the best healthcare systems. 


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Iceland offers its residents universal healthcare and places a heavy focus on its quality. The healthcare system is largely funded by taxes and ranks highly for patient outcomes and preventative care. Iceland also ensures patients have the safest and most coordinated care. 


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Taiwan offers a single-payer system with universal coverage, which is what makes it such a great healthcare system. The country puts a strong focus on accessibility and efficiency in delivering the best healthcare. It also has low administrative burdens, which helps relieve the strain on its workers. 


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Finland is able to offer universal healthcare while ensuring the quality doesn’t slip. The system is tax-funded and available to anyone who works there. It puts a huge emphasis on primary care and patient engagement. Along with these benefits, Finnish healthcare is also known for its strong public health initiatives. 


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Japan is able to offer both public and private healthcare to its residents. For example, The National Library of Medicine writes, “The Japanese healthcare system provides universal health coverage through both a fee-for-service system under governmental control and a free-access system.” It’s known for being both low-cost and efficient. 

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s healthcare system is a mixture of both private and public options. Its healthcare is of high quality and puts its focus on patient satisfaction. It always tries to put an emphasis on patient care and will keep them engaged in what’s happening. 

South Korea

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The healthcare system in South Korea is extremely efficient and provides universal coverage. It offers high-quality healthcare services and puts a strong focus on developing innovative technologies. The country always prioritizes preventative care and safe healthcare practices. It ranks third on the list of top countries.

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