18 Countries You Can Live in Outside the US Without Worrying Too Much About Money

When thinking about traveling or moving to a different country, one thing we always have to consider is whether we can afford it. Fortunately, there are many countries in the world that are affordable. Here are 18 countries you can live in without worrying about money. 


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Indonesia, and more specifically, Bali, has become a popular country to relocate to. It’s also an affordable country. For example, Exotiq writes, “To live comfortably in Indonesia, a single person might spend around $600–$1000 a month, depending on their lifestyle.” The country has numerous amenities and regular international flights.  


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Bulgaria is a country rich in history, thanks to both its Roman and Soviet roots. The country has a low cost of living, even in its popular cities such as Sofia, Plovdiv, and Veliko Tarnovo. It also has so much to offer, such as skiing in the winter, beaches in the summer, and lots of fresh food and wine.  


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The Philippines offers a person both city living and a more rural lifestyle. It has many low-cost options, even towns and cities near the beach. The country is known for having friendly locals and many breathtaking destinations. Cities to consider relocating to include Manila, Cebu, and Baguio.  


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Rimac Real Estate writes that the cost of living in Croatia is 30.2, compared to the United State’s 60.3. Groceries are also cheaper in Croatia, with a grocery index of 39.5, while the U.S. comes in at 71.4. You can expect more of an outdoor lifestyle living in Croatia, as it has lots of hiking trails. 


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The Greek islands can be very affordable when it comes to living, especially on lesser-known islands and outside of the peak season. There are many things that are inexpensive in Greece, such as dining out and public transportation. Just ensure you stay out of the tourist areas.


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Macedonia is thought to be an extremely underrated country. It has an inexpensive cost of living and is perfect for long-term stays, such as living or traveling. You can expect low-cost housing options, even in picturesque mountainous areas. Expect comfortable living options, such as fast WiFi, in Macedonia. 

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is loved for its natural beauty, especially its luscious, green plants. It’s a safe country to live in, with very friendly locals and affordable housing. Costa Rican healthcare is also much more affordable compared to the U.S. and still has highly qualified doctors. 


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If you’re looking for somewhere safe to live in Central America, then Panama is a much safer option compared to some of its neighbors. It has a multicultural population, affordable housing, and some great sights. It’s recently become a popular spot among digital nomads. 


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Not only is Thailand an incredibly cheap place to live, but it’s also very safe. It’s popular with backpackers and is a great place to vacation. There are so many stunning places with beautiful ocean views in Thailand. Otherwise, you can opt for the convenience of a large city such as Bangkok. 


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The United States is considered to be 5.2 times more expensive than Bhutan. Not only does the country offer a low cost of living, but it also has plenty of culture for a person to explore. It’s a country that’s popular for anyone seeking a slower pace of life. 


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Vietnam is loved for its affordability, beautiful views, and delicious street food. It has a rich history and many scenic destinations for a person to choose where to live. It’s become popular with digital nomads thanks to its easy transportation options and low-priced housing. 


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Armenia is a great country to move to for anyone wanting a quieter way of living. The country isn’t short on history and culture and has an affordable cost of living. Its expat community is continuously growing thanks to its affordable rental options. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Because of its natural beauty and low cost of living, Bosnia and Herzegovina has become a popular destination for Americans to move to. It offers a mix of both Eastern and Western European cultures and is the perfect country for anyone seeking adventure. 


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There are so many beautiful places where you can live in Peru. It has both incredible landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Along with this, the country also offers a low cost of living and lots of travel experiences. It’s best suited to anyone wanting both a modern and traditional lifestyle.  


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Brazil has a lively culture, especially in Rio de Janeiro. It’s known for its music, festivals, and natural beauty. The country is much more affordable to live in compared to the U.S. and is perfect for anyone looking for fun and adventure. 


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Argentina is loved for many reasons. It has great food, beautiful scenery, and a rich culture. This country is a great place to move to for anyone looking for an urban lifestyle with lots of nightlife options. It has a low cost of living and lots of real estate options.  


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Portugal Residency Advisors writes, “Living costs in Portugal are generally more affordable compared to the United States. According to recent Numbeo statistics (as of May 2023), the cost of living in Portugal is, on average, 36.6% lower than in the United States.” The country is known for its relaxed lifestyle and wine culture.  


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Albania has it all when it comes to beautiful landscapes. The country has mountains and gorgeous beaches that have been known to give the Maldives a run for their money. It’s recently become a more popular country to move to and has plenty of affordable living options.

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