Coworking And Control – 5 Tips To Help Stay Disciplined While Coworking

The perks of coworking in Thailand is the variety of available spaces, and these are not just spaces that add amenities to their menu. These spaces have really added flavour to an atmosphere that combines workspace with lifestyle. In recent times, coworking spaces have combined temporary lodgings with workspace making it very comfy.

However, in a workspace that has become, some would argue, too comfortable, remaining on task is a major issue. The temptation to join side conversations, in addition to conversations of your own, is so great that it is easy to procrastinate the day away. Remaining disciplined in a space that encourages social interaction is possible.

Keep reading to learn how to remain disciplined while working in one of the most vibrant environments – the coworking space.

Find The Right Space

The coworking space is one that carves out a place for the number of tasks that can take place in a day. At any given moment in the coworking space, you can find professionals steadily working, in conversation about a variety of topics, and in collaboration at any one of the spaces designated for each activity. The office presents professionals with the flexibility to perform a number of functions in the space.

Take a look at Coworking Bangkok to see an example of the way these space work by clicking on the following link As you can see, the space is filled with many opportunities for chatter. However, coworking professionals can still enjoy the convivial environment by choosing space that is conducive for work, which means avoiding workspace that attracts more social activity than work.

Scheduling Makes A Difference

During the business day, the chances you will find an office void of the activity that defines the average workday is slim. For this reason, consider working during hours outside of the standard business day. Most coworking spaces in the country offer flexible working hours that will allow you to come to a space very early ahead of the pack or arrive when the workday is over. In this way, you essentially can determine the environment in which you work.

Give Yourself A Break

More work does not necessarily equate to quality work, and one way to avoid the distractions that make it difficult to concentrate is to take breaks. Just because you do not belong to a conventional office, it does not mean that you cannot abide by the rules that govern it. Whether you take two breaks and lunch or devise another way to work, rest breaks up the monotony that comes with doing close work. In fact, you might find taking smaller, more frequent breaks a refresher of sorts.

Remove All Distractions From The Space

Distractions, both objects and people, can be a constant source of procrastination. Placing your cell phone on mute, for example, and then checking on it during a break is one way to avoid numerous interruptions. When dealing with people, who can be equally disrupting to the work environment, consign yourself to five-minute conversations and then politely excuse yourself. The point is to try to find a way to work in an environment that is great for social interaction but can be disabling if you are not aware of these distractions.

Clean Up The Space

Tidy spaces make a more organised mind. Creating a clean work environment can do wonders for focus and concentration. Plus, it is hard to focus if the space around you is cluttered. Worse yet, you also cannot easily find the materials you need to work when the space is untidy.

Remaining On The Job

Community is what defines the coworking space. However, this same community can contribute to work habits that are not conducive to productivity. The key is having a plan to work effectively in the space without sacrificing the more social parts of the coworking.

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