DeSantis Blasts Biden and NYC’s Decision to Close School for Illegal Migrants

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has ripped into those responsible for the decision to close a New York high school in favor of temporarily housing illegal immigrants, calling the move “disgraceful.”

Controversial plan

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Mayor Eric Adams of New York City recently decided to move migrants from their shelter on Floyd Bennett Field ahead of a storm, transferring almost 2,000 people to James Madison High School to stay overnight.

Last-minute closure

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As a result of school facilities being used, the school had to inform the parents of 4,000 students just hours beforehand that the school would be temporarily closed and classes would be remote for the day.

Shutdown chaos

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Both at a recent Iowa GOP debate and a separate public event, DeSantis addressed the topic and criticized the handling of the situation. He told the audience, “I think it’s disgraceful. Think about it. You’re a parent in Brooklyn, you’ve probably got a lot of single moms who are the breadwinners and they’ve got to work during the day.

Uncovering the reason

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“Your kid’s supposed to go to school,” he continued. “And then someone tells you, ‘Sorry, your kids have to stay home.’ Why? Was there some significant storm? Was there an emergency? Was there a flu outbreak? Why are they having to stay home?”

Taking a stand

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“Because the city government is commandeering the school to house illegal aliens. Talk about putting Americans last! You’re depriving these kids of in-person education, to be able to house people that don’t have a right to be here to begin with—that’s Joe Biden’s America in a nutshell.”

Condemning Biden

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DeSantis went on to say that while there are certain things that the president has no control over, he could have stopped this but chose not to. “You can’t control the border. Biden has failed in this endeavor.”

Local outcry

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Inna Vernikov, a New York City councilwoman, shared her opinion on the situation, stating, “This will agitate local residents, disrupt the entire school environment, and place a tremendous burden on our families, students, school administrators and staff.”

Don’t ask us

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Meanwhile, the White House’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, deflected blame for the decision. Speaking to Fox News, she began by explaining, “New York City informed us that, as a precaution, they would temporarily relocate migrants staying at Floyd Bennett Field to a nearby high school. As of this morning, all migrants have returned to the facility at Floyd Bennett Field.”

Press secretary’s defense

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Jean-Pierre continued by stating that New York was the place to seek answers, and then defended Biden. “When it comes to education, migrants, the economy, the president deals with multiple issues all at once. That is his job.”

Shifting targets

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Having finished criticizing Biden, DeSantis also took aim at former President Donald Trump at the same event. He stated that Trump hadn’t fulfilled many of his immigration pledges, had failed to finish building the border wall, and did not follow through with his pledge to deport large numbers of illegal immigrants.

DeSantis’s promise

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DeSantis went on to claim that if he were to be elected, he would finish building the wall that Trump couldn’t, insisting he would have Mexico pay for it. He also stated that any immigrants allowed into the U.S. by Biden would “have to go back.”


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