18 Dog Breeds Guaranteed to Be Your Best Friend for Life 

When making a decision to purchase a dog, one of the main things you’re going to want is a loyal companion. Luckily, there are many breeds of dog that can do exactly that. Here are 18 dog breeds guaranteed to be your best friend.

Labrador Retriever

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Labrador Retrievers are one of the most friendly dog breeds. This is supported by the American Kennel Club, which writes, “The breed is affectionate, patient, and trainable. If you’re looking for a medium-to-large dog that will bond with your whole family, look no further than the famously friendly breed.” 

Golden Retriever

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One thing a Golden Retriever is known for is friendliness. They have a social disposition, which means they’ll not only want to be your best friend but also be best friends with everyone else in your family as well. They’re intelligent and fun companions who can get along with anyone. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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This breed of dog will make a sociable companion thanks to its loyal and friendly nature. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are attentive and will always stay focused on their owner. It’s important to note that, because of their nature, they require plenty of attention and affection. 


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Along with their strong sense of smell, Beagles have a merry personality. They’re a loyal breed of dog and enjoy spending time with their owner. Beagles were originally bred to live in packs, and this also makes them great family dogs, as they want to protect those closest to them.  


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Petplan describes Pugs as being full of character, highly adaptable, and playful, and this makes them great family dogs with or without children. They also make a great companion breed thanks to their long lifespan, which expects them to live 12–15 years. 


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Boxers are a playful breed of dog with an excitable personality. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs, but since then, they’ve turned into loyal family dogs. Boxers are also easy to care for thanks to their short coats, as they don’t require lengthy amounts of grooming.  

Irish Setter

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You’ll find that Irish Setters love people, which makes them a friendly dog that’s also suitable for families. They can become quite excitable, especially when they’re young, so you’re going to want to make sure your Irish Setter is trained from a young age.  

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would love to be your best friend for life. They’re affectionate dogs that always find a reason to wag their tails. The breed is spirited and friendly, which makes them great for families. One thing to keep in mind is that a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will require lots of grooming because of their long coat. 


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Also known as the “gentle giant,” this proves just how friendly a Newfoundland is. They’re cuddly and affectionate, and they would want nothing more than to be your best friend. Thanks to their loving nature, Newfoundlands are a great breed to choose if you have young children.

Bichon Frisé

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Don’t think the small size of this breed means they aren’t friendly. Bichon Frisés are full of affection and have one of the best personalities when it comes to dogs. They’re known for their cheerfulness, and they get along well with other pets and people. There’s also minimal shedding with a Bichon Frisé, which means less grooming. 

Border Collie

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Border Collies are one of the most friendly breeds of dog. For example, Figo Pet Insurance writes, “Highly intelligent, affectionate, and active, these pups are great protectors and family dogs.” It’s important to note that Border Collies also require plenty of mental stimulation and exercise.  

Boston Terrier

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With their high levels of energy, Boston Terriers are both playful and friendly dogs. They love people and have a humorous personality, which makes them the perfect breed to become your best friend. You also don’t need to be an outdoorsperson to fully look after a Boston Terrier, as they also enjoy indoor activities. 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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This breed of dog is loving and loyal. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are always looking for a way to please their owners. Their strong jawline also gives them an incredible smile that’s sure to cheer up any owner. To look after a Staffordshire Bull Terrier correctly, they do require lots of nurturing, as this is how they show off their sweet nature. 

Cocker Spaniel

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Cocker Spaniels have high levels of energy, which means they’re best suited for active homes. They’re known for being an affectionate and funny breed of dog, and this helps them become a great best friend. Cocker Spaniels do, however, require proper socialization and training. 

Great Dane

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Known for being devoted and loyal, Great Danes show large amounts of love to their owners. They’re peaceful and tolerant dogs, and this also makes them a great breed to choose if you already have other pets. Great Danes will also make a great family pet and will become a best friend to everyone in your household. 


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These dogs are friendly and sociable, and they love nothing more than playing with other humans or dogs. They’re loyal and dependable to their family members, and this helps them become great friends with humans. Samoyeds are also known for their beautiful and fluffy white coats. 


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Purina writes, “Dalmatians are dedicated and loyal and always want to please; they enjoy company and clowning about, so [they] can make great dogs for an active family.” Because of this and their intelligence, Dalmatians make great dogs for first-time owners. They’re friendly and great with children, but they also require lots of exercise.  


Photo Credit: Eudyptula/Shutterstock.

Vizslas are a beautiful breed of dog from Hungary. They’re sensitive and affectionate, which makes them great family dogs and loyal best friends. However, you’ll want to train and socialize a Vizsla from a young age so that they grow into confident dogs. You also won’t want to leave a Vizsla on its own for too long because of their sensitive personalities. 

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