19 Dog Breeds Owners Often Wish They Hadn’t Bought

Picking the right dog for you and your family can be tricky. You need to consider what your dog requires from you as an owner and whether your lifestyle will match its needs. Here are 19 dog breeds owners often wish they hadn’t bought.

Siberian Husky

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According to Holidays4Dogs, “Sadly, people buy husky puppies without realizing the commitment required in owning one.” Siberian Huskies have been bred to pull sleds, so they have very high energy levels. An adult Husky requires a minimum of two hours of exercise a day.


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Chihuahuas are smaller dogs, but what they lack in stature, they make up for in personality. They are very protective in nature and known for their barking, which can be overwhelming for some owners. They can be tricky to manage in some social situations, making daily walks a difficult task.

Great Dane

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Great Danes are large dogs that take up a lot of space. Owners who live in smaller accommodations have found it difficult to keep a Great Dane. Due to their large size, they need to be fed large amounts of food, which can be very costly for owners.


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Due to their size, many feel Pomeranians are low-maintenance dogs, but they’re wrong. They can be quite demanding when it comes to care and attention. They’re also high maintenance in regards to grooming. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, owning a Pomeranian may be too much for you.


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Beagles are adorable to look at, but sometimes a nightmare to own. According to Housely, Beagles are known to slip through cracks in fences. Losing their dog is an owner’s worst nightmare. You may also find yourself anxiously wondering where your Beagle is all the time.

Jack Russell Terrier

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Although on the smaller side, Jack Russell Terriers have a lot of energy they require to burn off. They need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, which can take up a large part of an owner’s day, and without this stimulation, they can become very destructive within the home.


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Rottweilers have been known for their aggression, but this is usually only if they haven’t been trained correctly. They require a strong leader who will be firm with them on a consistent basis. They also have a protective nature, and must be trained for social environments.

English Bulldog

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English Bulldogs are very relaxed in nature and aren’t usually a good fit for active households. They also suffer from numerous health issues, which means vet costs can mount up substantially, and it can also be hard for owners to deal with emotionally seeing their dog unwell.

Chow Chow

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These balls of fluff are adorable to look at, but they aren’t as cuddly as they may seem. Chow Chows are very independent dogs, which comes as a shock to many based on their appearance. Owners need to respect that they don’t need attention all the time and that they require time for themselves.


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The vet charity PDSA reports that Bullmastiffs are sweet and friendly but can also be boisterous in nature. They have a lot of energy to burn and are better suited to active owners. Bullmastiffs love interaction with their owners and suffer badly from separation anxiety when they’re not around.


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Dalmatians are beautiful dogs that are full of energy. They must be homed with owners who can meet their needs and are willing to ensure they get the daily exercise they require. They also require a lot of mental stimulation, making their demands too much for certain owners.

Shiba Inu

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This Japanese dog breed is known to be stubborn by nature. Shiba Inu dogs require training early on and consistently to manage their strong personalities. A lack of this is detrimental to the dog, especially as it’s key for them to form a strong bond with their owner.

Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherds are known for being herding dogs and therefore have large amounts of energy. For an owner who isn’t that active, this can become too much. Australian Shepherds require large amounts of exercise, and if this isn’t met, then they can become bored and pick up bad behaviors.

Afghan Hound

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When it comes to owning an Afghan Hound, their coat can be difficult to manage. They require high amounts of grooming on their thick, silky fur. They originate from the mountains, so they also have a large amount of energy to burn and require consistent exercise.

Saint Bernard

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As mentioned by Dogster, Saint Bernards are often expensive to care for due to their large size. They need to consume more food than normal dogs and require larger equipment. Medical fees also tend to cost more for larger dogs. They take up a lot of space, so owners with smaller properties may struggle.

Cane Corso

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Cane Corso dogs require extensive training, and therefore they need an assertive owner who can provide consistent training. They’re very protective animals and need to be managed correctly in social environments. They are also known for being strong-willed, so they require an owner who will show firm guidance.

Border Collie

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Border Collies are a British breed of herding dog and are used to burning off large amounts of energy. Due to their nature, they are very intelligent dogs, and if their owner doesn’t provide them with the amount of exercise they require, they can start to develop bad behaviors.


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According to Gundog Journal, Weimaraners “can be strong-willed and possessive, meaning they can pose a challenge for novice owners.” Weimaraners are very intelligent dogs that need a lot of exercise each day. If they don’t receive the stimulation they require, they tend to chew household items.


Photo Credit: Nikolai Tsvetkov/Shutterstock.

These friendly and loving dogs are known for their sociable nature, which means they can struggle when left on their own for extended periods of time. This can make it hard for an owner who has to leave the house often. They also require extensive grooming due to their thick and fluffy fur.

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